Sim­ple so­lu­tions to wide­spread ex­er­cise er­rors

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The Flaw: hip­ping The Fix: Here’s the deal — if you’re do­ing Crossfit, pump­ing out high reps of pull-ups and you’re ex­pe­ri­enced with the tech­nique, go ahead and kip. But if your goal is to build max­i­mal up­per-body pulling strength and lat size, stick to strict pull-ups with no mo­men­tum cre­ated by the lower body. Heck, even Crossfit gyms pre­scribe strict pull-ups on a reg­u­lar ba­sis these days.

The Flaw: Stop­ping short at the bot­tom The Fix: Pull-ups are tough, so it’s tempt­ing to stop at the bot­tom of each rep when the arms are still bent 20–30 de­grees. 'on’t do it. Go down all the way, un­til the el­bows are fully ex­tended. It may de­crease your rep counts, but you’ll be big­ger and stronger in the long run.

The Flaw: Stick­ing to one grip The Fix: As with any ma­jor move­ment, grip va­ri­ety is highly rec­om­mended with pull-ups to in­crease strength from all an­gles and arm po­si­tions. 'on’t just use the grip you’re best at. Mix in at least three dif­fer­ent hand place­ments on a reg­u­lar ba­sis — wide (at least shoul­der width) and over­hand, nar­row and un­der­hand (aka chin-ups), and neu­tral (palms fac­ing each other if the pull-up sta­tion you’re us­ing has par­al­lel bars). Use a dif­fer­ent grip ev­ery work­out or even ev­ery set.

It’s chal­leng­ing to stick to your guns dur­ing the hol­i­daysi es­pe­cially with all the par­tiesi fam­ily eventsi and foodi food, food. That’s when hav­ing a part­ner who un­der­stands your needs is es­sen­tial. cit cou­ple oobert qimms and gessie heller have per­fected this tag-team strat­e­gyi and of­fer some real-world tips on how to have a fat-free hol­i­day sea­son.


qimms and heller are train­ing part­ners all year-roundi and as such keep each other ac­count­able even dur­ing hol­i­day timei push­ing one an­other to get to the gym and train. “tork­ing out is fun for us and that helps with mo­ti­va­tioni” says heller. “te nor­mally try to go to the gym early to knock it out and en­joy the rest of the day.”

qhough they both pre­fer a gym set­ting for lift­ing pur­poses, they try to be flex­i­ble with their car­dio dur­ing the hol­i­daysi such as by run­ning out­doors in the moun­tains for a change of scenery.


-ust be­cause you’re on va­ca­tion doesn’t mean your goals should fly out the win­dow. fn facti it might ac­tu­ally be the per­fect time to set a new goal to help you fo­cus. “f al­ways pick a com­pe­ti­tion right around the hol­i­day sea­soni and that kind of forces me to stay on tracki” says heller. “qhere is al­ways some­one out there train­ing when you are tak­ing a breaki and that is con­stantly in my head.”

“oight now f have a lot of goalsi and know­ing that eat­ing spe­cific things might set me back helps me make my de­ci­sionsi” says Timms. ´I don’t go crazy so as not to lose ev­ery­thing f have been train­ing fori but f do en­joy my­self a lit­tle more than nor­mal.”


qo keep from tear­ing through a hol­i­day buf­fet like qeam qas­ma­nian aevili qimms and heller im­ple­ment a few tricks. “arink loads of water be­fore eat­ing, be­cause if you fill up on liq­uids you’ll feel full and won’t go as crazy on foodi” says heller.

qimms takes a more prag­matic ap­proach. “bat con­scious­lyi” he ad­vises. qhat isi take small bitesi chew thor­oughly and sa­vor the fla­vors.”

Al­ter­nately, if you know you’re go­ing to an event that won’t be serv­ing food that suits your lifestylei bring your own. “te are so used to bring­ing our food ev­ery­where that it’s no big deal over the hol­i­daysi” says heller. “lf cour­sei the trick is hav­ing the dis­ci­pline not to eat the party food in front of youi but try your best to main­tain a good bal­ance be­tween healthy eat­ing and healthy treating.”


cos­ter­ing a healthy fam­ily unit is im­por­tant to qimms and hel­leri and come hol­i­day timei they try to en­cour­age those clos­est to them to be ac­tive. “oight now my dad is just learn­ing about body­build­ing, so I’m ed­u­cat­ing him on how the body works with food and ex­er­cise,” says Timms.

But while some are open to eru­di­tioni not ev­ery­one will share your pas­sion. “jy sis­ter used to be a run­neri but the gym is not her thingi” says heller. “f took her like twice in my life­time and it was a com­edy show. phe pretty much cried the whole time and said she was sore for a week! po in­stead we hikei ride horses and do yoga.”

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