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ae­signed by mis­tons head strength and con­di­tion­ing coach An­thony ear­veyi CSCS, To­bias Harris’ train­ing pro­gram is com­plex. Har­vey gave M&P a glimpse into the small for­ward’s offseason sched­ule — with­out giv­ing away any trade se­crets!


(Mon­day/tues­day/thurs­day/fri­day) Harris trains five days a week in the gym. He fo­cuses on up­per body on Mon­days and Thurs­days, lower body on ques­days and cri­daysi and does ac­tive re­cov­ery work­outs on Wed­nes­days. His six-week sum­mer pro­gram is fur­ther bro­ken down into three two-week phases, and each of the fol­low­ing four ma­jor move­ments are per­formed once per week for four sets of three to five reps apiece: squat, leg press, bench press and lat pull­down. When per­form­ing those ex­er­cises, Harris uses these tech­niques to de­velop power, strength, en­durance and sta­bil­ity:

1. Ec­cen­tric Phase Us­ing a two-week cy­cle, Harris varies the time of the neg­a­tive por­tion of his reps, low­er­ing the weight for 3 sec­onds dur­ing Week 1 and 5 sec­onds dur­ing Week 2. He then ex­plodes up on the pos­i­tive. The load is the heav­i­est dur­ing this phase — more than his one-rep max — so a spot­ter is re­quired.

2. Iso­met­ric Phase In this phase, he low­ers the weight as fast as pos­si­ble on the neg­a­tive, hold­ing the tran­si­tion point for 3 to 5 sec­onds, then ex­plodes up on the pos­i­tive. The load is lighter than in the pre­vi­ous phase.

3. Con­cen­tric Phase This in­volves per­form­ing both the ec­cen­tric and con­cen­tric por­tions as fast as pos­si­ble with no iso­met­ric hold dur­ing the set. The load is lighter than in the pre­vi­ous phase.

In ad­di­tion to the four ba­sic ex­er­cises, Harris does ac­ces­sory moves with stan­dard rep speeds to de­velop over­all, to­tal-body strength. Harris also per­forms Olympic lifts to boost his full-body power. ´We’ll do clean pulls with a bar­bell where he doesn’t have to flip the bar,” says Har­vey. ´If I want him to do a power clean or hang clean, as long as it’s a lighter weight, he’ll use the bar. But if I want him to fo­cus on power and a heav­ier weight, we can do that ei­ther with dumb­bells or a oene­gadei an at­tach­ment to a iand­mine sta­tion where the han­dles ro­tate to keep your wrists straight.”


(Wed­nes­day) The fo­cus is on bodyweight ex­er­cises such as push-up vari­a­tions and TRX rows; co­or­di­na­tion, bal­ance and sta­bil­ity train­ing; swim­ming; or ex­tra con­di­tion­ing. Harris also does yoga for ac­tive re­cov­ery.

´Yoga is help­ful for To­bias be­cause his flex­i­bil­ity isn’t the great­est,” says Har­vey. ´If you’re get­ting stronger and more pow­er­ful, your mus­cles are go­ing to cre­ate more ten­sion. With the cre­ation of more ten­sion, your body be­comes stiffer, so you need to keep your range of mo­tion. I’m not try­ing to get him into a full split or any­thing, but if he wants to get stronger, he has to in­crease his flex­i­bil­ity.”


(Twice a Week) On the court, Harris does two main con­di­tion­ing drills:

1. Three min­utes of run­ning base­lineto-base­line as many times as pos­si­ble, where 27 to 29 lengths of the court is con­sid­ered good. 2. Ten down-and-back sprints (one sprint equals two lengths of the court) with 20 sec­onds rest be­tween sprints.

As he gets closer to train­ing camp in the fall, he adds more con­di­tion­ing work on the court to em­pha­size quick changes of di­rec­tion.


(Twice a Week) En­durance is the fo­cus at the be­gin­ning of the offseason, with 4 X 800s be­ing per­formed one or two days per week. Over time, 200s and 400s are added in and the 800s are de­creased and even­tu­ally dropped. By the end of sum­mer, speed is the em­pha­sis and work­outs con­sist more of 200s, 100s, 50s and be­low. Sprints are typ­i­cally per­formed at a work-to-rest ra­tio of 1:3-5 (i.e., 10-sec­ond sprint fol­lowed by 30-50 sec­onds rest). When 400s and 800s are in­cor­po­rated, to­tal run­ning dis­tance is ap­prox­i­mately two miles; when 800s are dropped, the to­tal dis­tance drops to about one mile.


(Once a Week) In the swim­ming pool, Harris ei­ther does laps or works on run­ning me­chan­ics while sub­merged in the water.

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