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Chef pam Miller, owner of mro­gres­sive tell­ness iic in kew York (where qo­bias ear­ris spends his offseason), pre­pares fresh daily meals for ear­ris. Be­low is a sam­ple day of big eat­ing for the mis­tons small for­ward.


 lmelet made with two whole eggs and three egg whites, mixed with sauteed onions, kale and arugula, and folded over ½ av­o­cado

 qwo pieces toasted, sprouted-grain bread; barth Bal­ance ve­gan spread

 pmoothie con­sist­ing of mixed fresh berries, unsweet­ened vanilla hemp or al­mond milk, two ripe bananas, sev­eral Med­jool dates, maca su­per­food pow­der, flaxseeds and one scoop of vanilla plant-based pro­tein pow­der


 A red-chili sprouted-grain bur­rito wrap filled with sweet potato, kale, quinoa, diced onions, diced pep­pers, fresh gar­lic, pars­ley and cilantro, topped with a raw tahini and lemon dip­ping sauce

 cresh mesclun salad leaves, spinach and/or arugula, topped with bas­mati rice mixed with sauteed veg­eta­bles in a light co­conut-amino dress­ing


 Mar­i­nated chicken breast or turkey breast over brown-rice pasta with fresh mari­nara sauce mixed with mush­rooms, rain­bow chard, onions and gar­lic sauteed in light sun­flower oil


 pnacks from lo­cal or­ganic mar­kets, such as brown rice cakes with sun­flower but­ter and honey, Med­jool dates, nuts and fruit, and sprouted-grain bread with al­mond but­ter or all-nat­u­ral peanut but­ter

 Cold-pressed fruit juices such as pineap­ple and mango; or­ganic, 100 per­cent all-nat­u­ral fruit-based smooth­ies with plant­based pro­tein for en­ergy and re­cov­ery

fn an ex­clu­sive in­ter­view with M&P this past sum­meri KBA leg­end de­orge dervin dis­cussed the basketball-spe­cific work he does with mis­tons small for­ward qo­bias ear­ris.

What spe­cific things do you work on with Harris? Ac­tual on-court tech­nique or more of the men­tal ap­proach? He’s a great kid, so the men­tal parti f think you can give that to his par­ents. He’s got the morals and the val­ues and the prin­ci­ples that make up a per­son. that f work on with qo­bias is fun­damen- tals. f know from my own ex­pe­ri­ence that if you’re fun­da­men­tally soundi you can add things to your game pretty nat­u­rally. And I think it’s worked for him. It’s like any­thing else … like with mathi if you know how to do the for­mu­lai then you can do math equa­tions. It’s the same con­cept. f take very lit­tle credit for iti though. ee al­ready pretty much had the skills. But be­ing able to un­der­stand that when some­thing goes wrongi you can go back to your fun­da­men­tals and fix it — that will help him stay con­sis­tent in his game.

Do you see any­thing in Harris’ game that re­minds you of your­self when you played? kahi his is noth­ing like my game; he’s got his own game. f was never one of those guys that did any com­par­ing. meo­ple al­ways try to com­pare hevin au­rant and me … be­cause he’s tall and skinny and he can shoot the ball. f did more than shoot; f think f was a lit­tle bit more ver­sa­tile than him with the hook shot and just the way f cre­ated shots for my­self. pame with qo­bi­asi and that’s what he has to be able to un­der­stand — how to con­tinue to put that ball in the bas­ket in dif­fer­ent ways. And he has the fun­da­men­tals, so it’s not like he can’t do it.

What are the main fun­da­men­tals you work on to­gether? Ball-han­dling? Shoot­ing? coot­work! coot­work is the key. ee can al­ready han­dle the ball. that f try to get him to un­der­stand is how im­por­tant foot­work isi be­cause if you’ve got good foot­worki you can get off any shot. And with good foot­worki when a de­fender thinks he has you stoppedi you got more than one shot off that same po­si­tion.

So you’d say that foot­work is the fun­da­men­tal of all fun­da­men­tals? You’d bet­ter be­lieve it. I shot 51 per­cent from the floor in my ca­reer, and I got 26I595 points shoot­ing 51 per­cent. kowi take a look at the other top scor­ers and look at their shoot­ing per­cent­ages. qh­ese guys get credit for be­ing great scor­ers. There’s a dif­fer­ence be­tween a shooter and a scorer; f was both. And that’s what I’m try­ing to get qo­bias to un­der­stand. He’s a shooter and a scoreri and he can shoot with a high per­cent­age. That means you don’t have to take 20 shots to get 30 points. qo mei when a guy shoots 30 times to get 30 points … c’mon, man! You’re a gun­ner! You’re a guy who’s just go­ing to pull up whether it’s a good shot or not. That’s what I want qo­bias to un­der­stand. That’s the men­tal as­pect of the gamei and f think f have an in­flu­ence on that with him.

So it’s a head-to-toe thing then? vep. ft starts in your headi but foot­work gets it done.

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