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As it turns out, you don’t have to be a pay-per-view com­bat­ant to reap the ben­e­fits of mixed-mar­tial arts train­ing. Whether you’re look­ing to add mus­cle, torch fat, build power or in­crease strength, these work­outs will have you look­ing ev­ery bit the well-built war­rior. Choose from among these short ses­sions crafted by MMA con­di­tion­ing spe­cial­ist Scott Rams­dell to build a take­down-proof physique.


Wail­ing away on a heavy bag is of­ten touted as a great stress re­liever, but when done with a fo­cus on tech­nique and in­ten­sity, it is of the most valu­able body-shap­ing tools around. Be­cause cham­pi­onship MMA bouts con­sist of five rounds last­ing five min­utes each, Rams­dell cre­ated a work­out to mimic a fast-paced fight for your life that will test you men­tally and phys­i­cally.

Time to com­plete 29 min­utes Equip­ment needed Heavy bag, MMA gloves Pro­to­col Per­form each round with max in­ten­sity for the time pre­scribed, take a one-minute rest, then tran­si­tion quickly to the next round. Round 1 (5 min­utes) Re­turn to hands to your face af­ter each com­bi­na­tion — don’t drop them be­low shoul­der level as fa­tigue sets in and form de­grades. Feel free to switch from or­tho­dox (right handed) to south­paw (left handed) from round to round. For the ply­o­met­ric push-ups, vary your hand spac­ing to bet­ter dis­trib­ute the fa­tigue. Round 2 (5 min­utes) Is­sue your kick round­house style, swing­ing your right hip up and over to drive your lower shin into the bag, bring­ing your core and obliques into play. Re­set fully be­fore throw­ing the next jab. On the squat jumps, de­scend as low as you would

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