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This car­dio tour de force, Rams­dell says, is enough to build your car­diores­pi­ra­tory en­durance while scorch­ing tons of body fat. The vary­ing pace al­lows you to call upon mul­ti­ple en­ergy sys­tems, con­fus­ing your me­tab­o­lism and ex­tend­ing the postworkout re­cov­ery pe­riod.

Time to com­plete NT min­utes Equip­ment needed Your choice of ma­chine — tread­mill, el­lip­ti­cal, sta­tion­ary cy­cle, Air­dyne bike — or sim­ply the open road Pro­to­col Log your min­utes for the fol­low­ing var­i­ous car­dio paces at the given per­cent­age ranges for your max­i­mum heart rate (220 mi­nus your age). For ex­am­ple, a jog­ging pace for a 30 year old is 60–75 per­cent of 190, or a heart rate of ap­prox­i­mately 114 to 142. 

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