Put the joy back into healthy snack­ing with these nour­ish­ing gourmet snacks.

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What does it take to put the joy back into healthy snack­ing? When the founders of Fitjoy set out to cre­ate a line of healthy and gourmet snacks, they fo­cused first on the all-mighty pro­tein bar. Pro­tein bars have long been a sta­ple of ath­letes and av­er­age Joes alike be­cause of their con­ve­nience, ap­pli­ca­tion to mus­cle main­te­nance and growth, and their abil­ity to sat­isfy hunger be­tween meals with­out com­pro­mis­ing on nu­tri­tion.

In essence, pro­tein bars have been a kind of in­ter­mit­tent snack that we’ve used as fuel in­stead of ful­fill­ment. We’ve cho­sen pro­tein bars as a “health­ier” al­ter­na­tive to a candy bar, potato chips or other “bad for us” op­tions, but that doesn’t mean we ac­tu­ally en­joy eat­ing them.

With Fitjoy, there’s a unique propo­si­tion — stop choos­ing be­tween healthy and happy snack­ing. Sim­ply em­brace both.

As far as sup­ple­ment-facts pan­els go, Fitjoy has ev­ery­thing you’d ex­pect from a pro­tein bar: a solid macronu­tri­ent break­down with 20 grams of pro­tein, 11 to 15 grams of fiber, only 3 to 5 grams of sugar, and 210 to 230 calo­ries. But what makes the Fitjoy la­bel dif­fer­ent from its shelf mates is not only what it in­cor­po­rates, but also what it leaves out — GMOS, gluten, and un­wanted ar­ti­fi­cial col­ors, fla­vors, sweet­en­ers and preser­va­tives.

While Fitjoy’s nu­tri­tion is spot-on for any­one look­ing to snack smarter, it is the taste that re­ally sets Fitjoy apart. Fitjoy bars push fla­vor to a higher cal­iber by tak­ing a stan­dard pro­tein fla­vor and turn­ing it into some­thing much more gourmet. Taste, tex­ture and even the pre­sen­ta­tion of each bar makes you feel like you are in­dulging in some­thing other than a healthy pro­tein bar.

There are sev­eral ap­pe­tiz­ing fla­vors on the Fitjoy ros­ter, in­clud­ing frosted cin­na­mon roll, choco­late iced brownie, choco­late chip cookie dough, mint choco­late crisp, choco­late peanut but­ter and French vanilla al­mond.

The next time you reach for a pro­tein bar to fuel up be­fore a work­out, be­tween meet­ings or when you’re on the go, don’t choose be­tween healthy and happy. Grab a Fitjoy bar and en­joy the best of both worlds. 

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