The Amer­ica's Fittest Cou­ple Chal­lenge was a way for these top fin­ish­ers to get stronger to­gether.

Muscle & Performance - - Contents - By Maura We­ber By Dwayne N. Jack­son, PH.D.

IN AU­GUST 2016, JUSTIN LYNCH PRO­POSED to child­hood friend Melissa Abella, and the cou­ple was ex­cited to do the $Per­ica·s )ittest &ou­ple &hal­lenge to­gether as a Zay to get ready for their Zed­ding and Par­ried life. ´7his Zas an apa]ing op­por­tu­nity to Zork to­gether, hold each other ac­count­able, sup­port each other and push each other to nez lip­its,μ says $bella. ´7ozard the end of the &hal­lenge Ze Moked, ¶:ho needs pre­mar­i­tal coun­sel­ing Zhen you·re do­ing this"·μ

7he tzo had dif­fer­ent train­ing goals, Zith /ynch Zant­ing to add Pus­cle and $bella striy­ing to lose body fat. ´7here Zas roop for much im­prove­ment for each of us,μ says $bella. 7hey Zere ac­tiye Zith shar­ing their Mour­ney on so­cial Pe­dia and got a lot of Potiy­a­tion frop their fol­loz­ers. ´:e started get­ting an out­pour­ing of loye and sup­port frop nez friends, old friends and fapily,μ she says. ´)or this rea­son, Ze didn·t Zant to eyer giye up.μ

$bella ap­pre­ci­ates the depth of un­der­stand­ing that she and /ynch earned dur­ing their Zork­outs to­gether. ´,·Ye been a sin­gle POP for the past nine years, and find­ing a good friend to be Py life part­ner and go­ing through an e[pe­ri­ence to­gether like this re­ally Pade Pe ap­pre­ci­ate the Pan that , ap about to call Py hus­band,μ she says. MICHAEL WARNER AND AMANDA CHU spend their days at the gyp Zork­ing as per­sonal train­ers, then they spend their eye­n­ings to­gether Zork­ing out. 7hey un­der­took the $Per­ica·s )ittest &ou­ple &hal­lenge as a Zay to liyen things up. ´:e used the &hal­lenge to ip­ple­pent nez rou­tines as Zell as proyide a fun Zay to Zork to­gether as a cou­ple,μ says :arner. ´:e Zanted to see hoz far Ze could push ourse­lyes, to­gether.μ

7he re­sults Zere Must Zhat they hoped for. ´:e Zere both able to beat our pre­vi­ous per­sonal records in our com­pound lifts. )or $Panda it Zas dead­lift and stuat, and for Pe it Zas front stuat,μ says :arner. ´2ne of the great­est feel­ings is see­ing each other e[cel and be­cop­ing stronger than Ze preyiously Zere.μ

+ay­ing &hris and +eidi 3ozell as Pen­tors added an e[tra ele­pent for :arner and &hu. ´7hey are in­cred­i­bly Potiy­at­ing,μ says :arner. 1oz that :arner and &hu haye got­ten a taste of Zhat prep­ping for a physitue cop­pe­ti­tion is like, they·re ea­ger to take the ne[t step. ´7his Zas our first cop­pe­ti­tion we started as a cou­ple, but it·s cer­tainly not our last,μ he says. ´2ur ne[t goal is to cop­pete to­gether in an 13& shoz in .μ

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