Physics and the Farmer's Carry

Pick­ing up heavy stuff and mov­ing it from here to there is one of the most pow­er­ful ex­er­cises you’re not

Muscle & Performance - - Contents - By Justin Grin­nell, CSCS

In the last cou­ple of years, the loaded carry (aka the farmer’s carry) has ex­ploded ϐ scene. Well, as much as such a bland ex­er­cise can “ex­plode.” Pick­ing some­thing up and car­ry­ing it from point A to point B, then putting it down again, isn’t even re­motely earth-shat­ter­ing in terms of move­ment orig­i­nal­ity, yet these days ev­ery­one from body­builders to Cross­fit­ters to elite ath­letes are hauling heavy stuff back and forth across the ϐ - col — traps burst­ing, necks bulging and hearts rac­ing.

True, our bod­ies were made to lift and carry heavy things, and feats of strength such as farmer’s car­ries were sta­ples of the strong­men of yore. Even leg­endary strength and con­di­tion­ing coach Dan John touts the loaded carry as one of the most func­tional and fun­da­men­tal move­ment pat­terns around. “It does more to ex­pand ath­letic qual­i­ties than any other sin­gle thing I’ve at­tempted in my ca­reer as a coach and an ath­lete,” says John, All-amer­i­can dis­cus thrower and Olympic lifter. “And I do not say that lightly.”

Get a Farmer’s Physique

The mod­ern-day loaded carry in­volves pick­ing up a weight and walk­ing with it for a set time and/or dis­tance. The ob­ject it­self might change — a pair of dumb­bells or ket­tle­bells, a sand­bag, a stone, even cin­der blocks — but the chal­lenge re­mains the same: mov­ing ϐ - ciently and quickly as pos­si­ble.

Although it sounds sim­ple, adding ϐ of gaps in your train­ing, no­tably grip strength, shoul­der and core sta­bil­ity, pos­ture, work ca­pac­ity and mus­cu­lar ten­sion — phys­i­cal qual­i­ties that have

waned as of late, per­haps since the world is less man­ual and more seden­tary. And be­cause they cre­ate high lev­els of mus­cu­lar ten­sion in mul­ti­ple mus­cle groups at once, loaded car­ries stim­u­late a larger hor­monal ǡ ϐ mus­cle-build­ing testos­terone and growth hor­mone. And con­di­tion­ing — for­get about it — the pro­longed time un­der ten­sion im­proves phys­i­cal per- for­mance and men­tal for­ti­tude like noth­ing else.

Car­ries at Work

The loaded carry is the star in these work­outs and is gar­nished with com­ple­men­tary ex­er­cises for a well­rounded, full-body pro­gram with a fo­cus on strength and size. Fol­low this work­out for six weeks to re­con­nect to that brute strength within.

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