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THEN AND NOW Founder Charles Moser cre­ated Ger­man Amer­i­can Tech­nolo­gies in 1997. With Moser’s diet-and-en­ergy liqu­icap Jet­fuel, sales sky­rock­eted for GAT and Jet­fuel be­came a top-sell­ing prod­uct. To­day, the com­pany is renowned for its break­through pre­work­out prod­uct, ϐ ǥ ʹ[\]ǡ com­pany up­dated its name to GAT Sport and is switch­ing to a bright, new la­bel de­sign for its prod­ucts.

NUM­BER OF EM­PLOY­EES ^[Ϊ Ǧ quar­tered in Mon­roe, Con­necti­cut

BEST-SELL­ING PROD­UCTS ϐ pre­work­out con­tains proven mus­cle­build­ing L-cit­rulline malate, L-argi­nine, L-argi­nine al­pha-ke­tog­lu­tarate amino acids and cal­cium fruc­tob­o­rate, a nat­u­ral, high-po­tency form of boron, which has been shown to sup­port free testos­terone. Con­sumers love to crush their train­ing and power through plateaus. Jet­fuel ther­mo­genic cap­sules sup­port long-last­ing en­ergy, fat-burn­ing me­tab­o­lism, stamina and fo­cus. Jet­mass is a fast-act­ing cre­a­tine mus­cle vo­lu­mizer that sup­ports hard-train­ing ath­letes and pro­motes Ǧ mass, strength and per­for­mance. Amino GT con­tains a to­tal of 8 grams of amino acids to sup­port mus­cle growth and re­pair. Te­strol, spe­cially ϐ ǡ Ǧ and ef­fec­tive way to build mus­cle and in­crease li­bido. NEW­EST PROD­UCTS GAT Sport re­cently launched ready-to-drink

ϐ \[Ǧ Ǧ Ǧ Ǥ its con­sumers’ de­sire for prod­ucts that ϐ ȋϐ ǧ vors, col­ors and dyes), the com­pany’s new Mus­cle Mar­tini Nat­u­ral high­per­for­mance amino acid pow­ders are a great post­work­out re­cov­ery op­tion. ʹ[\]ǡ ǯ

Ϊ ǡ ǯ of­fers testos­terone sup­port. Fi­nally, it has added a new stim­u­lant-free, Ǧ look­ing for an ef­fec­tive pre­work­out without those in­gre­di­ents or for those who work out at night.

IN 5 WORDS Ef­fec­tive, proven, amaz­ing, trust­wor­thy, pow­er­ful

COM­PANY MIS­SION GAT Sport pro­vides ef­fec­tive, great-tast­ing sports nu­tri­tion prod­ucts that sat­isfy a se­ri­ous work­out en­thu­si­ast’s daily needs that de­liver re­sults.

GOALS FOR 2017 Dz growth has GAT Sport wisely rein­vest ϐ on course and rock­et­ing ahead,” says ǡ Ǥ Dz Ǧ ǡ up­grades com­pa­ny­wide, more core Ǧ ǡ Ǧ cal stud­ies, ag­gres­sive new prod­uct launches, in­creas­ingly tar­geted datadriven mar­ket­ing, and cus­tom con­tent shared across so­cial and dig­i­tal plat­forms as never be­fore.”

SNEAK PEEK GAT Sport will be launch­ing a new pro­tein cookie for ϐ Ǥ Ǩ

ALL ABOUT THE ATH­LETE “GAT Sport has been mov­ing to more trans­par­ent and ef­fec­tive dosed for­mu­las to ad­dress con­sumer needs bet­ter,” Ǥ Dz * rel­e­vancy of GAT for­mu­las make them the best for de­liv­er­ing de­sired re­sults. Our re­lent­less at­ten­tion to con­sumer Ǧ ef­fec­tive prod­ucts fu­els our com­mit­ment to pre­cise prod­uct de­tail.”

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