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Chal­lenge your con­di­tion­ing with this fast and ef­fi­cient one-bar­bell work­out.

Muscle & Performance - - Contents - By Mike Salazar

Some­times you just want to go to the gym and get ’er done. In these in­stances, it’s handy to have a fa­s­tand-fu­ri­ous one-bar­bell met­con in your back pocket. This three-move pro­gram saves time and space while work­ing your body from head to toe and kick­ing your con­di­tion­ing into high gear: Met­cons like these are highly meta­bolic and can burn fat and calo­ries for up to 72 hours post­work­out. That’s good news if you have as­pi­ra­tions of get­ting lean for sum­mer.


Af­ter a thor­ough, dy­namic warm-up, per­form these three ex­er­cises in or­der for the pre­scribed num­ber of reps, do­ing as many rounds as pos­si­ble in a 20-minute pe­riod. Use the same bar­bell for all three of the moves, load­ing it with any­where be­tween 55 to 95 pounds, de­pend­ing on your strength level.

Work quickly and smoothly us­ing good form, and try to go as long as pos­si­ble without putting the bar down to chal­lenge both your grip and your men­tal for­ti­tude. If you do need a break, try to take it be­tween your cleans and sumo dead­lift high pulls.

When you’re done, mop up your sweat pond and make note of the to­tal num­ber of rounds plus reps you com­pleted. Each week try to beat that num­ber for great con­di­tion­ing, or add a lit­tle more weight to build more lean mus­cle.

20-Minute AMRAP:

• 5 Bar­bell Thrusters • 7 Hang Power Cleans • 10 Sumo Dead­lift High Pulls


Hold a bar­bell with an un­der­hand grip in the racked po­si­tion — rest­ing across your front delts and clav­i­cle, el­bows lifted high in front of you. Keep­ing your chest lifted and your weight in your heels, squat down un­til your hip crease goes be­low your knees or lower if pos­si­ble. Drive through your heels and ex­plode up­ward com­ing to full ex­ten­sion with your knees and hips; con­tinue that up­ward mo­men­tum and press the bar­bell over­head.


Hold a bar­bell in front of your thighs with a shoul­der-width, over­head grip. Kick your hips back and slide the bar down to a point just above your knees, shoul­ders re­tracted, spine neu­tral. Then quickly ex­tend your knees and hips in an ex­plo­sive mo­tion, pulling the bar straight up along the front of your body as you shrug your shoul­ders and come up onto your toes. As the bar reaches shoul­der height, drop down, catch­ing the bar across your shoul­ders and clav­i­cle and flip­ping your el­bows un­derneath in the racked po­si­tion. Ex­tend your knees to fin­ish.


Stand with your feet wide apart and your toes un­derneath a loaded bar­bell. Grab the bar with an over­hand, hip-width grip and, keep­ing your back straight and your shoul­ders over the bar­bell, lower your hips to load your ham­strings and glutes, mak­ing sure they’re higher than your knees. Be­gin your pull by ex­plo­sively ex­tend­ing your knees and hips, bring­ing the bar up­ward in a straight line, then con­tinue that up­ward mo­men­tum by driv­ing your el­bows sky­ward and rais­ing the bar to chin height. Re­verse the steps to re­turn back to the start. 

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