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It makes sense, right? No mat­ter what you’re do­ing, hav­ing a shared goal and some­one to help you be ac­count­able can keep you fo­cused and on track. Hav­ing a part­ner who is in­ter­ested in the same things that you are can bring — and keep — you closer as a cou­ple. And be­ing able to share suc­cesses and strug­gles with each other can be a bond­ing ex­pe­ri­ence.

That’s cer­tainly the case of Amer­ica’s Fittest Cou­ple win­ners Chris and Carolyn Hasley. ǡ ǡ ϐ af­fair. The par­ents of three chil­dren — Ju­lia, 8; Mered­ith, 4; Joe, 2 — say that be­ing ac­tive is a ma­jor part of fam­ily life. “The kids al­ways hang out with us in our home gym while we train,” says Carolyn. “In be­tween sets and ex­er­cises we usu­ally in­clude them in some ac­tiv­i­ties or try to teach them the work­outs. There re­ally is no bet­ter warm-up or cool-down than a disco dance party or a few silly games of Duck-duck­Goose and Ring Around the Rosie.”

The Fit Life

Be­fore sign­ing up for the Amer­ica’s Fittest Cou­ple Chal­lenge, the Hasleys, who are both ǡ ǯ ϐ - ness. Both led ac­tive lifestyles since child­hood — Chris played bas­ket­ball and base­ball, and Carolyn was a swim­mer and ran track — and ϐ Ǥ Dz ϐ ǡ teach­ers at the same school,” says Carolyn. “I knew he did triathlons and I thought, I should hit him up for some ad­vice on how to do them and how to train.” They’ve now been mar­ried for al­most six years.

The cou­ple be­came in­ter­ested in Amer­ica’s Fittest Cou­ple Chal­lenge af­ter fo­cus­ing on triathlons last year. They thought they had lost too much mus­cle and be­lieved that the Chal­lenge, fea­tur­ing Chris and Heidi Pow­ell’s pro­gram, would be a good an­ti­dote.

How­ever, ad­just­ing to the new­ness of the ϐ ǥ Dz was so de­tailed and laid out per­fectly, which helped tremen­dously, but un­til we got into the swing of things, it was tough com­ing to terms with sched­ul­ing, learn­ing the work­outs and get­ting fa­mil­iar with the recipes,” re­calls Carolyn. Most of the strug­gle seemed to stem from the fact that the Chal­lenge started dur­ing their sec­ond week back to school af­ter sum­mer break.

The cou­ple was sur­prised by the amount of food the pro­gram al­lowed for. “I usu­ally never eat so many carbs and see suc­cess. I’ve never carb cy­cled like this, but I was sur­prised by how easy it was,” says Carolyn. Chris agrees. “I was able to con­trol my eat­ing habits ϐ my life!” he ex­claims.

“We doubted it early on,” Chris ad­mits, “be­cause there was a lot of food, but it to­tally came through.” The pair didn’t take short­cuts. “We al­ways fol­lowed the recipes to a T. We ate ex­actly what the pro­gram sug­gested with the ex­act his-and-her serv­ing sizes,” Carolyn as­sures us.

Although Sun­days were deemed “off” days by the Pow­ells, the Hasleys con­tin­ued to eat clean, choos­ing foods that they liked from the pre­vi­ous week and cheat­ing with the oc­ca­sional treat meal or dessert.

As for the train­ing por­tion of the pro­gram, the Hasleys never skipped a sin­gle work­out. They ap­pre­ci­ated the abil­ity to com­plete them in less than an hour, an es­sen­tial el­e­ment for these busy par­ents. “The met­cons alone were time­sav­ing, yet they were as ef­fec­tive as some of the car­dio ses­sions we were used to do­ing,” Carolyn says. “We never thought we would see these kind of re­sults in only 60 days!”

The Hasleys were hap­pily sur­prised by changes other than the phys­i­cal ones af­ter com­plet­ing the Chal­lenge. “Not only can I do sev­eral heavy weighted pull-ups now, I can will­ingly say no to Pop-tarts,” says Chris, laugh­ing. And aside from up­ping her mul­ti­task­ing skills, Carolyn can now do more than 40 mil­i­tary-style push-ups.


Chris and Carolyn set their sights on win­ning — “Some­one had to be Amer­ica’s Fittest Cou­ple Chal­lenge win­ners, why not us?” asks Carolyn. That kept them fo­cused, and they re­lied on each other for mo­ti­va­tion to see the pro­gram through. “We had a silent agree­ment — I wasn’t go­ing to snack on foods off the plan be­cause I knew Chris wasn’t, and vice versa,” Carolyn as­serts. “We weren’t go­ing to skip a work­out be­cause

we were tired; we just knew we had to do it.” And hav­ing a huge sup­port sys­tem out­side of their im­me­di­ate fam­ily bol­stered their com­mit­ment to be­ing suc­cess­ful. “Words can­not de­scribe how blown away we ϐ Ǩdz Ǥ Fam­ily, friends, stu­dents in their tight-knit com­mu­nity and even the school su­per­in­ten­dent got be­hind them. In fact, when M&P asked if the cou­ple had any reser­va­tions about their stu­dents and the dis­trict ϐ ǡ ǡ Dz Ǥ made Top 20 — and that was our goal — we would go to the su­per­in­ten­dent and get his seal of ap­proval. And we did. He was so sup­port­ive. Ǩdz

ǯ ǫ ϐ ǡ Ǥ ǯ ϐ ǡ ǡ Ǥ move out of their base­ment gym and trans­form their bonus room into their dream gym where they could start per­sonal and group train­ing ses­sions in their home.

Dz ƒ and I are build­ing to­gether. When we are apart we are pretty or­di­nary, but to­gether I know we are ex­tra­or­di­nary. I’m so thank­ful ev­ery day for his love and sup­port. I don’t know where

Ǩdz ǡ hold­ing back tears.

“I never thought in a thou­sand years that I would have ac­com­plished a feat such as this ǡ ϐ is pos Ǥ in­spi­ra­tion and driv­ing force in all as­pects of ǡdz Ǥ

The Hasleys work­ing out in their base­ment gym.

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