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For this work­out, de­signed by TEST Sports Train­ing Di­rec­tor -DPHV 3UDWW \RX·OO ZDQW D VWRSZDWFK D FORFN RU ZDWFK ZLWK D sec­ond hand, or a timer app on your phone. Af­ter a five-minute warm-up that in­cludes car­dio, light cal­is­then­ics and/or low-key plyometric move­ments, choose one move from each cat­e­gory and ar­range them in a cir­cuit. Be­gin at the top of each minute and per­form each ex­er­cise for 15 sec­onds all-out, then take 45 sec­onds of ac­tive rest dur­ing which you walk around and shake things out be­fore hit­ting it again, hard. Re­peat that cir­cuit for four or five rounds, mak­ing for a to­tal of 16 to 20 min­utes of work.

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