HIGH­EST RATED Pro­tein Source

There are five com­monly used sci­en­tific ways of rat­ing the qual­ity of a pro­tein source. Egg Pro­tein ranks high­est in 4 of 5 scales.

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N.P. U. (Net Pro­tein Utiliza­tion): Egg Pro­tein has the high­est N.P. U. of all pro­tein sources. Chem­i­cal Score: Egg Pro­tein has the high­est Chem­i­cal Score and is used as the stan­dard by which all other pro­teins are judged for their chem­i­cal score. PDCAAS (Pro­tein Digestibil­ity Cor­rected Amino Acid Score): Egg Pro­tein, along with other high qual­ity pro­teins such as whey, has the high­est pos­si­ble PDCAAS rat­ing of 1. P.E.R. (Pro­tein Ef­fi­ciency Ra­tio): Egg Pro­tein is con­sid­ered to have the high­est Pro­tein Ef­fi­ciency Ra­tio. BV (Bi­o­log­i­cal Value): Egg Pro­tein has the sec­ond high­est BV of all pro­teins. Whey has the high­est BV, though the BV of Egg Pro­tein be­ing 100 shows how well ab­sorbed and uti­lized it is. Egg Pro­tein has long been con­sid­ered to be the stan­dard for pro­tein qual­ity, with its ex­cel­lent amino acid profile and nearly per­fect bioavail­abil­ity. Healthy ‘ N Fit’s 100% Egg Pro­tein uses only pure egg al­bu­men to yield a clean pro­tein which con­tains no sugar, fat, choles­terol, carbs, or lac­tose*. The chick­ens our eggs come from are not given hor­mones ( in com­pli­ance with USDA reg­u­la­tions for all eggs).

What makes Healthy ‘N Fit’s 100% Egg Pro­tein dif­fer­ent from other egg pro­tein prod­ucts?

• Our 100% Egg Pro­tein is all nat­u­ral – free from ar­ti­fi­cial fla­vors, ar­ti­fi­cial sweet­en­ers, and ar­tif­i­cal col­ors. • Our 100% Egg Pro­tein con­tains no added fillers, starches, car­bo­hy­drates, fats, oils, sug­ars, sugar al­co­hols, milk pro­teins, gluten, gums, or salt. • Ours was the first and orig­i­nal. We in­tro­duced the first 100% Egg Pro­tein pow­der prod­uct to the mar­ket over 25 years ago. • Ours is the only egg pro­tein to con­tain egg white pep­tides and amino acids, al­ready bro­ken down for faster and more ef­fi­cient ab­sorp­tion. • Great­est va­ri­ety: our egg pro­tein is avail­able in five fla­vor op­tions (in­clud­ing NEW Ba­nana) and three sizes. * Nu­tri­tional in­for­ma­tion varies slightly be­tween dif­fer­ent fla­vors.

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