It's all in thr wrists

The motibil­ity of your wrists di­rectly de­ter­mines your dis­tiny. Use these four pre­work­out moves to flex your train­ing po­ten­tial.

Muscle & Performance - - Mobility - BY LARA MC­GLASHAN, MFA, CPT

When dis­cussing mo­bil­ity, peo­ple imme- di­ately talk about the lower back, hips and shoul­ders. but in truth the wrists, though small, play a large role in ath­letic per­for­mance, both in the gym and on the field: They are the last link in the ki­netic chain for an over­head ket­tle­bell swing, they can make or break your power-clean po­ten­tial, and are the sta­bi­liz­ing en­tity in the front rack po­si­tion of a squat. In sports, your wrists de­ter­mine the kind of pitch you throw, the tra­jec­tory of a vol­ley­ball and the top­spin of a ten­nis back­hand.

Be­cause your wrists move in sev­eral planes of mo­tion — up, down, lat­er­ally and in ro­ta­tion — they are tricky joints to mo­bi­lize. Here are four pre­work­out moves to mo­bi­lize them and get you back into per­sonal-record mode.

Three On All Fours

WORKS: 360 de­grees around Get on all fours, then ro­tate your arms so your fingers face rear­ward with your hands flat on the ground un­der­neath your shoul­ders. Press your palms into the floor and sit back on your heels un­til you feel a stretch. Hold for two or three sec­onds, then re­turn to the start. Next, sit up so your shoul­ders are over your hands and press your palms flat as your rocks slowly side-to-side. fi­nally, keep your hands as flat as pos­si­ble as you do small cir­cles clock­wise and coun­ter­clock­wise. Do five reps of each move, rest­ing as needed. Re­peat the se­quence two or three times.

Wrist Ro­ta­tions

WORKS: ro­ta­tion, flex­ion, ex­ten­sion Clasp your hands to­gether in front of your chest, el­bows bent, fingers in­ter­laced but not clenched — they should be a lit­tle loose to al­low for op­ti­mal wrist move­ment. Keep your el­bows and shoul­ders steady as you ro­tate your hands in a cir­cle clock­wise for 10 rep­e­ti­tions, then coun­ter­clock­wise for 10 rep­e­ti­tions. Re­peat two or three times.

Jazz Hands

WORKS: ro­ta­tion Hold your arms in front of you, el­bows bent, and open your fingers as wide as you can with your palms fac­ing up­ward. Ro­tate your palms in­ward and down­ward as far as you can. ause briefly then ro­tate back to the start. Do 10 rep­e­ti­tions. Rest, and then re­peat once more.

Wall Walks

WORKS: flex­ion, ex­ten­sion Stand fac­ing a wall and place your hands, fingers up, against the wall just above shoul­der height. Slowly “walk” them down the wall, aim­ing to keep your fingers and palms in con­tact with the wall as much as pos­si­ble. When you’ve gone as low as you can (i.e., the heels of your hands are no longer touch­ing the wall), flip your fingers to face down­ward and walk your hands back up the wall. Re­peat up­ȁ­down five times through. Rest briefly, and re­peat once more.

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