Muscle & Performance - - Spartan Up -

Trains: power, stamina, ath­leti­cism

Hold a medicine ball with both hands, reach it quickly over­head then VODP LW WR WKH ÁRRU IROORZLQJ ZLWK \RXU KLSV WR ORZHU LQWR D FURXFK 3ODFH your hands on the ball and jump your feet be­hind you. Do a push-up with your hands on the ball, jump your feet back un­der­neath you and stand, lift­ing the ball over­head to go right into the next rep. SPRINT: 'R HDFK PRYH VHSDUDWHO\ ³ ÀUVW WKH EXUSHHV WKHQ WKH EDOO slams.

BEAST: Jump and spin 180-de­grees as you stand back up.

TIP: Make the tran­si­tion be­tween ball slam and burpee seam­less and smooth, but swift.

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