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In ad­di­tion to a gen­eral to­tal-body warm-up, do each of these moves for 30 sec­onds three times through.

SQUARE BEAR CRAWL Trains: func­tion­al­ity, core strength

Get on all fours with hands un­der shoul­ders, knees un­der hips, spine straight. Turn your toes XQGHU WKHQ OLIW \RXU NQHHV RII WKH ÁRRU VR \RXU shins are par­al­lel. Hold that po­si­tion as you walk for­ward two steps, to the right two steps, back­ward two steps, then to the left two steps to make a square. Re­peat in op­po­site di­rec­tion.

LOW CRAWL Trains: mo­bil­ity

Get into an el­bow plank then open your knees out to the sides so your belly is just hov­er­ing DERYH WKH ÁRRU KLSV ORZ &UDZO IRUZDUG VWD\LQJ as low as pos­si­ble, push­ing with one leg as you pull with your op­po­site arm. For an ex­tra chal­lenge, crawl for­ward then back­ward.

DUCK WALK Trains: lower body/glute ac­ti­va­tion, mo­bil­ity

Drop your hips as low as pos­si­ble into a squat, chest lifted, then walk for­ward slowly in this po­si­tion, al­low­ing your knees to open to the sides with each step. *For a more ex­ten­sive warm-up pro­to­col from Siko­rski, go to mus­cle­and­per­for­mance.com.

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