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❱❱ Novex Biotech Growth Fac­tor-9

con­tains L-argi­nine HCL, L-ly­sine HCL, glu­tamine and N-acetyl L-cys­teine to sup­port your in­tense work­outs and drive up HGH pro­duc­tion in a nat­u­ral way. Although you need pro­tein to sup­port mus­cle growth in gen­eral, the spe­cial blend of these amino acids and de­riv­a­tives con­tained in Growth Fac­tor-9 has a pro­found ef­fect on the pi­tu­itary gland to stim­u­late greater HGH.

Re­search backs this up. “We be­lieve that this com­bi­na­tion is the ba­sis of *URZWK )DFWRU ·V HIÀFDF\ μ VD\V $P\ Heaton, PH.D. “Af­ter tak­ing this pro­pri­etary blend of amino acids, study sub­jects ex­pe­ri­enced a 682 per­cent in­crease in their serum growth hor­mone [HGH] OHYHOV μ 7KLV VWXG\ ZDV D UDQGRPL]HG cross­over, dou­ble-blind clin­i­cal trial that in­cluded men and women be­tween the ages of 18 and 70.

Many HGH prod­ucts tar­get men EHWZHHQ WR EXW LW·V LPSRUWDQW WR XQGHUVWDQG WKH KRUPRQH·V DGYDQWDJHV for men out­side this range, as well as ZRPHQ 7R JHW PD[LPDO EHQHÀWV IURP *URZWK )DFWRU LW·V FUXFLDO WR WDNH WKH prod­uct on an empty stom­ach. Avoid con­sum­ing food two hours be­fore and DIWHU VXSSOHPHQWDWLRQ 7DNH LW WZR KRXUV af­ter your last meal be­fore bed, or con­sume it upon wak­ing and then wait two KRXUV WR FRQVXPH \RXU ÀUVW PHDO RI WKH day. A third op­tion is to take Growth Fac­tor-9 in the mid­dle of the night.

Growth Fac­tor-9 has a hefty price SRLQW IRU D VXSSOHPHQW EXW LW·V ZHOO ZRUWK the cost. A 120-cap­sule/30-day sup­ply of Growth Fac­tor-9 costs $89.99, but med­i­cal HGH in­jec­tions can run as much as $15,000 per year.

Sup­ple­ment wisely to sup­port HGH pro­duc­tion.

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