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Fiber is the part of a plant that our bod­ies can’t di­gest. There are two main types: in­sol­u­ble and sol­u­ble. Think of in­sol­u­ble as the body’s broom, adding mass to stools to move things along and keep you reg­u­lar. Sol­u­ble fiber is more like a sponge at­tract­ing wa­ter and turn­ing to gel dur­ing di­ges­tion. This helps slow di­ges­tion, lead­ing to feel­ings of full­ness, stead­ier en­ergy lev­els and bet­ter blood sugar con­trol. It also soaks up choles­terol for bet­ter heart health. Eat­ing a va­ri­ety of high-fiber foods such as legumes, whole grains, fruits and veg­eta­bles will en­sure you get your fill of both types.

When ramp­ing up your fiber in­take make sure to also down plenty of wa­ter or other calo­rie-free liq­uids such as tea. Fiber at­tracts wa­ter, so you need to gulp down ex­tra H2O to help side­step di­ges­tive woes such as cramp­ing and ex­ces­sive gas.

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