6 Tips for Six-pack Abs

A Six-pack of Tips

Muscle & Performance - - Eat Well - By Carlo Filip­pone

❱ Pro body­builder Carlo Filip­pone, aka the “Mus­cle Chef” and founder of Elite Life­style Cui­sine, has one sim­ple mantra when it comes to get­ting shred­ded: Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym.

“I tell peo­ple to fo­cus on their ex­er­cise rou­tine and bump up their car­dio if they want to in­crease en­ergy lev­els, im­prove over­all phys­i­cal health, and keep their minds sharp,” Filip­pone says. “But if they re­ally want to lose weight, I tell them to fo­cus on their diet. When it comes to weigh loss, 75 per­cent is diet and 25 per­cent comes from ex­er­cise. These stats are ac­tu­ally backed up by an anal­y­sis of more than 700 weight-loss stud­ies that found that peo­ple see the big­gest short-term re­sults when they eat smart.”

You can’t out-train a bad diet. That’s the broad take Ǥ ϐ ǡ of­fers these six ac­tion points for drop­ping body fat and show­ing off those abs: 1) Drink only wa­ter. Skip the diet so­das, juices and af­ter­gym bar crawl. 2) Make fruits and raw veg­eta­bles your only snack foods. 3) Limit fat in­take to nat­u­rally oc­cur­ring plant-based foods, such as avo­ca­dos and nuts. 4) For proper por­tion con­trol, no item on your plate should be big­ger than a deck of cards. 5) Go through the ex­er­cise of food jour­nal­ing for at least one week — it’s the only clear way to un­der­stand what, and how much, you’ve been eat­ing. 6) Con­sider en­rolling in a meal-plan pro­gram, in which the por­tion con­trol and nu­tri­tional bal­ance is done for you. Peo­ple are highly in­ac­cu­rate when it comes to es­ti­mat­ing their daily caloric in­take. (Filip­pone of­fers ser­vices at Elitelifesytle­cui­sine.com, and My­fit­ness­pal. com is a good re­source as well.)

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