Mustang Monthly - - JET ENGINE DETAILING -

The metal en­gine ID tag was com­monly placed un­der the coil bracket on the Co­bra Jet en­gines. These tags were used by Ford from Jan­uary 1964 to Fe­bru­ary 1973 on all its en­gines to iden­tify them for pro­duc­tion. Read­ing the num­bers from top left to lower right would de­code as 428 for the cu­bic-inch dis­place­ment of the en­gine; 70 would be the model year (not cal­en­dar year); the next digit is the re­vi­sion level (in this in­stance 7); the next se­ries of number/let­ters is the pro­duc­tion date of the en­gine (0 A = Jan­uary 1970); and the last set of num­bers is the en­gine code that would match the build­sheet.

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