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Ipicked up a Co­bra alu­minum oil pan at a swap meet. It doesn’t have the dents like my orig­i­nal 1966 289 steel pan. It should fit, right? Trent Lowe Eff­in­g­ham, Illinois

Yes, it should fit. The two “dents” on the sides of the oil pan were put there to pro­vide ex­tra clear­ance for the in­ner tie-rod ends on the Mus­tang. The Co­bra pan doesn’t have them, but you should clear no prob­lem. Just to be on the safe side, turn your steer­ing wheel lock-to-lock and check the clear­ance to the tie rods. If it looks like they would clear with­out the in­den­ta­tions, you’re golden. Nice score on the pan!

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