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I’m look­ing for a water pump for my 1970 Shelby G.T. 350. The Ford ser­vice parts book says the re­place­ment part num­ber is a D3UZ-8501-A pump, but what was the orig­i­nal part num­ber and how do I tell the date code? Earl B. Des Plaines, Illinois

Most 351s from 1969 came through with the C8OE-8501-D water pump, al­though the C8AE8501-J is iden­ti­cal and may have been in­stalled on some en­gines in 1969. Ford didn’t stop the pro­duc­tion line just be­cause they didn’t have the cor­rect water pump. Trust us, it hap­pened a lot with all man­ner of parts. Stop­ping the line had to be a true emer­gency! If you can find one, go for the C8OE-D. As far as the date code, it was very lightly stamped on the back­side on the gas­ket area, and this stamp was usu­ally lost after the first re­build, so don’t worry about the date code. The cast­ing num­ber is more im­por­tant. Good luck in your hunt.

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