Native American Art - - BEADWORK/QUILLWORK -

Lazy Stitch Also known as lane stitch­ing, the lazy stitch is a sin­gle-thread tech­nique that re­sults in the ap­pear­ance of “rows” or “lanes.” The nee­dle is loaded with mul­ti­ple beads at once, which are then slid down the en­tire length of string or thread.

Over­lay Stitch The over­lay or ap­pliqué stitch uses two nee­dles—one sin­gle threaded and one dou­ble threaded. Beads are added to the dou­bled thread and held in a pat­tern by the sin­gle thread.

Loomed Bead­work A form of sin­gle-nee­dle bead­work, the loom tech­nique uses a warp thread and a weft thread just like tex­tile weav­ing. Beads are se­cured on the weft threads to cre­ate in­tri­cate pat­terns.

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