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Whether the goal is to look more con­fi­dent or in­crease over­all health and well-be­ing, any­one can achieve bet­ter pos­ture with just a few life­style changes. Bing Howen­stein, CEO and co-founder of health and wellness con­sumer brand Back­Joy, of­fers 10 tips to help any­one look and feel bet­ter this spring. 1. Stretch more of­ten. Most peo­ple spend en­tire days hunched in front of a com­puter. Try stretch­ing for a few min­utes ev­ery hour to stay lim­ber. 2. Strengthen core mus­cles. Strong core mus­cles are the foun­da­tion of good pos­ture. An hour of yoga or Pi­lates a day is a great way to strengthen the core. 3. Walk more. Peo­ple who walk reg­u­larly tend to have bet­ter bone den­sity re­sult­ing in bet­ter pos­ture. Keep track of the num­ber of steps taken each day with a pe­dome­ter. 4. Lift weights with good form. So­lid­ify good pos­ture by build­ing some mus­cle. Lift­ing weights is also a great way to pro­tect against dis­eases like os­teo­poro­sis. 5. Look at your phone, com­puter, and TV at eye level. Neck and back mus­cles be­come strained when look­ing up or down at these de­vices. 6. Eat healthy. Cal­cium is es­sen­tial to bone health to sup­port pos­ture. Make sure to get the right amount of cal­cium daily by cook­ing at home with cal­cium-rich recipes. 7. Keep feet shoul­der width apart. Avoid pi­geon toe and duck feet by walk­ing with feet par­al­lel. 8. Kneel on a pad. Kneel­ing for var­i­ous ac­tiv­i­ties can cause knee and lower back pain. Kneel on a cush­ioned sur­face to pre­vent pain, which can re­sult in dam­age to pos­ture. 9. Go swim­ming. Swim­ming is the best rem­edy doc­tors pre­scribe when re­cov­er­ing from back in­jury. Since wa­ter acts as mem­ory foam for the whole body, swim­ming can strengthen the back and core mus­cles to aid in a pain­less re­cov­ery. 10. Sup­port your spine. Look for prod­ucts such as a sup­port­ive seat cush­ion or shoes to help cor­rect pos­ture while sit­ting or stand­ing.

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