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• Re­duce the in­take of tox­ins typ­i­cal in a North Amer­i­can diet; it’s the best nat­u­ral way to as­sist in the detox process. These could in­clude re­fined and pro­cessed foods, sug­ars, pes­ti­cides, al­co­hol, to­bacco, pre­scrip­tion or over-the-counter drugs, heavy met­als, cer­tain soaps, de­ter­gents, pol­lu­tion, and stress. • Avoid al­ler­genic foods, such as soy, gluten, corn, dairy, and peanuts. • Cleanse your colon. Dur­ing a cleanse, your body dumps a lot of tox­ins from your blood­stream into your colon, so it is im­por­tant that bowel move­ments are reg­u­lar and fre­quent to help elim­i­nate these tox­ins be­fore they get re­ab­sorbed into your body. In­creas­ing sol­u­ble fiber in­take is im­por­tant; and nat­u­ral lax­a­tive teas can also help. • Try dry skin brush­ing. Us­ing a dry nat­u­ral-bris­tle skin brush, rub dry skin in the di­rec­tion of your heart. This helps to pump and drain your lym­phatic sys­tem. • Take salt-wa­ter baths. Add 2 to 3 cups of sea salt to a warm bath to help pull tox­ins from your body. • Sweat. Your skin is your largest elim­i­na­tive or­gan. Sweat­ing helps you re­lease tox­ins from your body. Add this to the list of ben­e­fits pro­vided by reg­u­lar ex­er­cise, but also try a re­lax­ing sauna. Source: Peggy Kot­sopou­los AMONG THOSE CON­SUMERS WHO AVOID GMOS, 48 PER­CENT SAY THEY DO SO BE­CAUSE THEY WANT TO KNOW EX­ACTLY WHAT GOES INTO

THE FOOD THEY EAT. SOURCE: THE HART­MAN GROUP New Nordic in­tro­duces Skin CareTM – a new sup­ple­ment de­signed to ac­ti­vate your skin’s cells to gen­er­ate more anti-wrin­kle col­la­gen and help your skin stay healthy and youth­ful look­ing. The in­gre­di­ents will bet­ter reach the deep­est lay­ers of your skin where no anti-ag­ing cos­metic serum reaches.

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