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Be­cause it was first dis­cov­ered in China, the ki­wifruit was orig­i­nally known as the Chi­nese goose­berry, a nick­name coined by other coun­tries that de­lighted in the fruit dur­ing the mid-1800s. Ki­wifruit got its mod­ern name from New Zealand na­tives; turns out kiwi (the fruit) closely re­sem­bles kiwi (the bird)—a small, flight­less, fuzzy brown crea­ture, and the coun­try’s na­tional bird.

Ki­wifruit is the ed­i­ble berry of a woody vine that grows off a trel­lis, sim­i­lar to how grapes are cul­ti­vated. It’s found in the genus Ac­tini­dia, of which there are about 60 species—the skin of the fruit can vary in size, shape, fuzzi­ness, and color, while the flesh may sport dif­fer­ences in color, juici­ness, tex­ture, and taste. How­ever, de­spite the dif­fer­ent va­ri­eties, ki­wifruit is the most com­mon name for all com­mer­cially grown fruit from this genus.

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