A care­fully de­signed cleanse is like press­ing a re­set but­ton on our bod­ies.

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A care­fully de­signed cleanse is like press­ing a re­set but­ton on our bod­ies. The main ob­jec­tives of any healthy cleanse should be to re­pro­gram the body’s cells, ex­pel tox­ins, stop un­healthy food and drink crav­ings, and set the stage for a life­time of health and con­fi­dence. Rapid weight loss is merely a side ef­fect of all the other great ways your body will ben­e­fit. The only prob­lem is that most cleanses are not de­signed with such long-term goals in mind, which is why many of us find the weight we’ve lost re­turns quickly af­ter the cleanse has ended.

As I men­tioned be­fore, most di­ets and cleanses fo­cus merely on cut­ting calo­ries and por­tion sizes. This ap­proach may bring tem­po­rary suc­cess in terms of weight loss, but it does noth­ing for our health or our fig­ures three months down the road. By that time, we are so de­prived on a cel­lu­lar level that those junk food crav­ings are scream­ing louder and louder, mak­ing it eas­ier than ever to fall back into our old ways. Now, if we could cut calo­ries with­out de­priv­ing our bod­ies in the process, well, that would be an en­tirely dif­fer­ent story.

So the next step is ditch­ing those av­er­age foods ex­clu­sively for nu­tri­ent­packed su­per­foods.

Cleans­ing with su­per­foods of­fers our bod­ies com­plete cel­lu­lar sat­is­fac­tion so we aren’t be­ing starved, weak­ened, or de­pleted, which means you won’t be dy­ing for a tray of lasagna once the cleanse has ended. In fact, it will likely be quite the op­po­site. Af­ter the cleanse—up to 10 straight days of con­sum­ing only nu­tri­ent-dense su­per­foods, slow-burn­ing carbs, and highly di­gestible, plant-based pro­tein—you will surely find your body crav­ing a much dif­fer­ent arse­nal of foods than be­fore.

Through­out a su­per­food cleanse, the body and mind will ex­pe­ri­ence a roller­coaster of change. (Stay the course—don’t bail out!) The body be­gins to ad­just to the change af­ter a day or two, and weight loss then be­gins. By day seven, you will truly see re­sults (and likely feel an in­crease in en­ergy and hap­pi­ness). By the end, you’ll be bask­ing in the glow of a slimmed down fig­ure and new­found health. Most im­por­tantly, choos­ing to cleanse with su­per­foods means you can also ex­pect to keep that weight off.

Af­ter the cleanse is com­pleted, the ab­surd crav­ings have been elim­i­nated, the me­tab­o­lism is fir­ing at its op­ti­mum ca­pac­ity, and the body is feel­ing more nu­tri­tion­ally sat­is­fied than ever be­fore, which makes it easy to ei­ther main­tain or build upon the weight loss by in­cor­po­rat­ing el­e­ments of the cleanse into our ev­ery­day di­ets. Su­per­foods will be­come sta­ples at ev­ery meal.

In ad­di­tion, you can im­ple­ment var­i­ous “flex foods” into your diet, such as ap­ples, av­o­ca­dos, cu­cum­bers, wa­ter­melon, and berries. Be­cause the body is be­ing con­tin­u­ously and fully nour­ished, it feels more sat­is­fied—and when the body feels more sat­is­fied, it won’t send out those dis­tress­ing hunger sig­nals that of­ten cause us to regress in our health and fit­ness goals. Now who says bikini sea­son can’t last all year-round?

David San­doval is the founder of Purium Health Prod­ucts, a worl­drenowned ex­pert in phy­to­chem­istry and su­per­foods, and au­thor of The Green Foods Bi­ble. Learn more at puri­um­corp.com. MORE ON­LINE! For more detox tips, visit nat­u­ral­so­lu­tion­s­mag.com and type “detox” in the search bar.

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