EFT and An­i­mals

Natural Solutions - - Inner Balance - BY JOAN RAN­QUET

As an an­i­mal com­mu­ni­ca­tor, I’m in the busi­ness of hear­ing sto­ries from peo­ple and an­i­mals. Some­times, both the per­son and the an­i­mal get a lit­tle stuck in their sto­ries and this leads to un­wanted be­hav­ior. Emo­tional Free­dom Tech­nique (EFT) tap­ping is one of those modal­i­ties to help peo­ple and their an­i­mals move be­yond the story and into healthy new habits.

I have a client, Louise, whose dog, Sparky, was nip­ping peo­ple when they came to the house. Work­men, din­ner guests, the UPS guy; Sparky was an equal op­por­tu­nity nip­per! Of course, I wanted Louise to start rig­or­ous dog train­ing that minute.

Sparky was hun­gry for some rules and bound­aries, and was pro­tec­tive be­cause he wasn’t sure what else to do. Louise hated rules, loved free­dom, and thought the dog should be able to run free on their acreage.

Be­cause I could hear the con­flict be­tween the an­i­mal’s needs and the hu­man’s needs, EFT tap­ping came to mind im­me­di­ately.

EFT tap­ping is a heal­ing tech­nique that qui­ets the ner­vous sys­tem, spurs emo­tional heal­ing, al­le­vi­ates the anx­i­ety un­der­ly­ing most be­hav­ioral chal­lenges, and

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