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“The body was born to move, and mov­ing can help keep our cir­cu­la­tion op­ti­mized, the joints lubri­cated, and our breath­ing and di­ges­tive sys­tem work­ing well,” ex­plains Dr. Wendy, who co-owns Bazil­ian’s Health Clinic with her hus­band in San Diego. So, while hit­ting the gym def­i­nitely has its ben­e­fits, sim­ply stay­ing ac­tive do­ing ev­ery­day ac­tiv­i­ties has the power to in­crease your well-be­ing, too. What does she sug­gest?

When trav­el­ing, walk the air­port dur­ing lay­overs, skip the mov­ing side­walks, and re­mem­ber to pack your sneak­ers.

Take mul­ti­ple short walks to break up sit­ting at your desk—even five min­utes will do! DRINK AND EAT SMART: “I drink green tea, or some­times I’m in the mood for cof­fee. I love av­o­cado toast: mashed av­o­cado, le­mon juice, and crushed red pep­per. Some­times I’ll add an egg, too.” WAKE AND WALK: “Roll out of bed and, be­fore you check emails or start to re­ally wake up, ex­er­cise for 10 to 15 min­utes. In the house, up and down halls, on a tread­mill or bike, climb your stairs...or take it out­side!” SAY “GOOD MORN­ING”— both to your­self and those around you: “You say it not sim­ply as a greet­ing, but as an in­ten­tion for the day.”

Do crunches or march in place while watch­ing the news or your fa­vorite TV show.

While blow-dry­ing hair or brush­ing teeth, do leg lifts or squats.

Al­ways choose the stairs. Goals can be gen­eral or broad— and you can al­ways nar­row them to be­come more spe­cific as they evolve over time. But look­ing at var­i­ous ar­eas of your life and de­ter­min­ing which to ex­plore more deeply can help fos­ter a sense of bal­ance and mean­ing. “Here are some ar­eas of life you might con­sider,” says Dr. Wendy. “This is just a nice way to look at the mul­ti­ple facets of well­ness in one’s life and see where you are en­gag­ing in them, small or big, over the years.”

HEALTHY NU­TRI­TION: cer­tain ar­eas of fo­cus, keep­ing a food di­ary, try­ing out new recipes

MOVE­MENT: type, fre­quency, try­ing new ac­tiv­i­ties

PER­SONAL CARE: mas­sage, pre­ven­tive care ap­point­ments, spa ser­vices

CON­NECT­ING WITH OTH­ERS: fam­ily, friends, groups, other so­cial in­ter­ac­tions

MIND AND LEARN­ING: read­ing, classes, lec­tures, lan­guages, new skills or hob­bies, travel

CUL­TURE: mu­sic, dance, theater, art—at­tend­ing, par­tic­i­pat­ing, and/or sup­port­ing

SPIRIT: med­i­ta­tion, prayer, re­li­gious par­tic­i­pa­tion, other spirit-en­hanc­ing prac­tices

VOL­UN­TEER­ING: phi­lan­thropy, ser­vice, men­tor­ing

EMO­TION: stress, anx­i­ety, lone­li­ness, hap­pi­ness, love

SLEEP: qual­ity and quan­tity of rest, wake-up and bed­time rou­tines

RE­LA­TION­SHIPS: fam­ily, an­i­mals, so­ci­ety, en­vi­ron­ment, self

RE­CRE­ATION: re­group, re-cen­ter, re-cre­ate; “fun can be pro­duc­tive… that is the sim­ple goal!”

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