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Al­though she aims for whole, real, qual­ity foods, Dr. Wendy de­scribes her­self as a “real per­son” eater: “I ap­pre­ci­ate hav­ing treats with oth­ers and learn­ing other peo­ples’ likes and en­joy­ments.” What are her fa­vorites?

“I love fla­vor and tex­ture…ro­maine let­tuce in a salad, pep­pery water­cress, or a finely chopped kale salad.”

“I do love a good caramel ap­ple. I don’t see them out and about that of­ten, but if I do, I make room for one in my day! I love home­made ap­ple pie (with very lit­tle sugar) and have no is­sues with mak­ing a slice my break­fast along with a nice por­tion of Greek yo­gurt to ac­com­pany it.”

“I love a great wa­ter­melon, arugula, feta salad in-sea­son and adore roasted Brus­sels sprouts, ap­ples, and dried tart cher­ries in the fall/win­ter.”

“Rice and beans with veg­gies and salsa, or mak­ing tacos or sim­ple piz­zas—like mar­garita or veg­gies. Some­times we do ‘apps for din­ner’ at home; we call it a ‘Med Spread’ and build on a beau­ti­ful board: some spe­cial cheeses, grapes, olives, in­ter­est­ing crack­ers, wal­nuts, dates, veg­gies, and hum­mus.”

“I like to en­joy as many as I wish, some­times ar­riv­ing to a state that I call ‘bluepho­ria.’” Dr. Wendy de­scribes her health phi­los­o­phy as “sim­ple, achiev­able, and re­al­is­tic”—but here are some more de­scrip­tive def­i­ni­tions.

“Eat how? Well. Well con­notes: good­ness, health, in abun­dance, the right amount, cel­e­bra­tion, and depth. It’s con­crete, yet flex­i­ble. We can each be well—though our ‘well’ is in­di­vid­ual and re­lated to our own self.”

“Move how? Daily. To sur­vive and par­tic­i­pate in life at all, we have to move our bod­ies. Ev­ery day has 24 hours, 1,440 min­utes—if you can look at ‘daily’ as a goal, with fea­tures and ideas about dif­fer­ent kinds of move­ment, you can al­ways be suc­cess­ful.”

“Be healthy. That’s you, and it’s ac­tive, and it’s a com­mand. We own this word. It’s not al­ways per­fect health but de­scribes be­hav­iors, ways, choices, and at­ti­tudes that are in mo­tion and be­ing prac­ticed. ‘To be’ comes in tenses and they al­low for goals and change: I was, I am, I will be.”

Jen­nifer Bo­den is an award-win­ning jour­nal­ist, wine coun­try ex­pert, and travel au­thor for Home­away Inc. “Eat well. Move Daily. Be healthy.” is a reg­is­tered trade­mark of Dr. Wendy Bazil­ian. Pho­tos of Dr. Bazil­ian by Pearl Preis Pho­tog­ra­phy.

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