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Ed­i­ble flow­ers are mak­ing a come­back, but do you know which ones to choose? Here’s your 411 for this sea­son’s lat­est trend!

FOR STARTERS: The flower you choose to add to your recipe can add the per­fect fla­vor in a sub­tle and in­ter­est­ing way. Not only that, but the colors add ex­cite­ment.

GO LO­CAL: The best place for ed­i­ble flow­ers is your lo­cal farm­ers’ mar­ket. Talk to your ven­dors to see how they raise their plants.

EAT THESE: Arugula, chive, hibis­cus, jas­mine, laven­der, le­mon ver­bena, marigold, nas­tur­tiums, pan­sies, and violets are all great—and fla­vor­ful!—choices for any meal.

PRE­PARE: Shake your flow­ers to re­move dirt, then wash, dry, and use within a week.

EN­JOY: Sprin­kle on sal­ads, freeze into ice cubes, use in jel­lies or mari­nades, or dec­o­rate desserts! SOURCE: COR­NELL UNIVER­SITY’S BRIAN

WANSINK Who says moms-to-be can’t in­dulge? This Or­ganic Heart­burn Tea from Earth Mama An­gel Baby is truly a treat. For­mu­lated with stomach-sooth­ing herbs like marsh­mal­low root and le­mon balm, the tea not only tastes great and is safe for mom and baby alike, but also helps ease heart­burn, overindul­gence, scratchy throat, in­testi­nal up­set, and other symp­toms as­so­ci­ated with preg­nancy. Find it at earth­ma­maan­gel­ FER­TILE FRUIT ( AND VEG­GIES!) You might al­ready know that a healthy diet is an im­por­tant el­e­ment of fer­til­ity— but how you’re get­ting your fruits and veg­gies could play a role, too. A new study pub­lished in the jour­nal Hu­man Re­pro­duc­tion found that go­ing or­ganic could boost your odds of con­cep­tion. Pro­duce that is cer­ti­fied or­ganic is free from pes­ti­cides, and the re­searchers found that men who ate the high­est lev­els of pes­ti­cide residue had a 49 per­cent lower sperm count than men who ate foods with min­i­mal amounts of the chem­i­cals.

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