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We know that los­ing weight helps lower choles­terol,

but what you might not know is that eating low­c­holes­terol foods also helps us to lose weight and melt

belly fat.

Laurie Steel­smith, ND, LAc, of­fers ad­vice for women to keep their hor­mones in bal­ance to feel

bet­ter both in and out­side of the bed­room. Learn more about the causes of au­toim­mune dis­eases and what you can do to help pre­vent them. Read on to know more about our body’s silent killer: in­flam­ma­tion. Dis­pel the myth of “hav­ing it all” by learn­ing how to cre­ate a more mean­ing­ful and re­al­is­tic life bal­ance. Try these five tips to main­tain fit­ness for both you and your ag­ing pet. Think twice be­fore reach­ing for OTC med­i­ca­tions to treat PMS symp­toms—try these herbal al­ter­na­tives in­stead. Karma isn’t a cos­mic force try­ing to pun­ish you for what you’ve done wrong; it’s the en­ergy you share with oth­ers.

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