Pack in the pro­bi­otics with yogurt

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Yogurt is a great source of live, ac­tive cul­tures of pro­bi­otics. Th­ese bac­te­ria, found in the in­testi­nal sys­tem, play a piv­otal role in the func­tion of your im­mune sys­tem. If your ra­tio of ben­e­fi­cial to harm­ful bac­te­ria falls out of bal­ance, your im­mune sys­tem may weaken and have trou­ble fight­ing off in­fec­tions. How­ever, con­sum­ing yogurt reg­u­larly may help. One study found that con­sum­ing just 7 ounces of yogurt per day pro­vided just as much im­mune ben­e­fit as tak­ing probiotic sup­ple­ments. In­cor­po­rate yogurt as a snack for kids, a meal with fruit and nuts, or even part of a smoothie. Don’t for­get a spi­ral straw to be ex­tra fancy!

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