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You want to keep feed­ing the fish in­side you, but you keep

eat­ing the fish be­cause you're hun­gry. This is not the way it should go.

No one said you would not be hun­gry. You knew the di­men­sions of the aquar­ium

in­side you, knew it was in­side you. She who fogged the glass didn't know

that you'd eaten the fish, but you did and do. You hear the aquar­ium in­side your chest

crack, and be­fore you know it, the car­pet is soaked with bleached coral,

plas­tic kelp, and multi-col­ored gravel. This is not the way it should go.

This is not how any­one should go un­der— the wa­ter that you con­tained now con­tains you.

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