Af­ter To­maž Šala­mun

New England Review - - Table of Contents - Steven Cramer

Be­fore I died, I could hear singing from un­der ash heaps. Mo­tor oil dripped a rosary on the black­tops. I rose with va­por from Au­gust dew. I du­eled with oak branches.

I walked through my smol­der­ing city, whistling. Not one cloud, but you couldn't see the sun. Keep go­ing, I thought, you can sleep un­der tres­tles and loot as you wish. Heat ex­haled through cracks in the side­walks.

Red ants stormed an apri­cot pit. I stole an ex­tra pair of socks off a dead man. Birds be­haved like birds—that is, like the rep­tiles from which they're de­scended.

Flash­lights burned white, then am­ber, then not at all. I car­ried some­body's mother on my back. We sank into mud up to my knees, my thighs, my waist, while God called out, Get over here, and right this minute.

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