Print Ann Coul­ter again, and I’ll stop read­ing the pa­per

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I can­not be­lieve you would al­low a col­umn writ­ten by Ann Coul­ter to ap­pear in the New Haven Regis­ter. Have you not learned a les­son from for­mer colum­nist, Bill O’Reilly? Coul­ter has made a name for her­self by de­fam­ing and vilifying Democrats in the tra­di­tion of Rush Lim­baugh, Alex Jones, Sean Han­nity and FOX News. She, as most of the right-wing me­dia, lie with im­punity and en­cour­ages vi­o­lence. She has no re­gard for the facts on any sub­ject let alone ex­plain­ing the points of any is­sue that mat­ters to the public with co­her­ence and ac­cu­racy.

If the Regis­ter thinks that giv­ing voice to the likes of Coul­ter will help in get­ting a Repub­li­can elected gov­er­nor, think again.

I re­mem­ber the last two Repub­li­can gover­nors. The twice-con­victed felon, John Row­land, and in­ept Jodi Rell. It took a Demo­crat, Gov. Dan Mal­loy, two terms to clean up their mess and make Con­necti­cut suc­cess­ful, pros­per­ous and proud of our ac­com­plish­ments.

Ann Coul­ter con­tam­i­nates the di­a­log with “al­ter­na­tive facts.” She is a con­spir­acy the­o­rist and toxic in­cen­di­ary speaker. This is what the Regis­ter gives voice to?

Ap­palling! I have a higher re­gard for the Regis­ter than the ed­i­tors do, ap­par­ently. I am a faith­ful reader, but, if I see an­other Coul­ter col­umn I will never buy or read this pa­per again. — Donna DeMaio De­Fazio New Haven

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