Amer­i­can his­tory, warts and all

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Brook­lyn: I’m a Viet­nam vet­eran. I served from June 1, 1967 to May 28, 1968. Nearly ev­ery day, we read about anti-war pro­test­ers at home burn­ing Amer­i­can flags to show their op­po­si­tion to the war. It made us feel terrible. As it turned out, the Viet­nam War was what I call a “wart” of Amer­i­can his­tory. We have had many warts in our 400-plus-year his­tory, start­ing with the in­tro­duc­tion of slav­ery at Jamestown in 1619. But tearing down mon­u­ments isn’t go­ing to change that. Those men in stone and bronze might have been warts, but they nev­er­the­less did won­drous deeds. When hu­man be­ings age, they get gnarled hands and skin, and pos­si­bly warts. We don’t knock th­ese old folks down be­cause they don’t look as good as they did twenty years ago. They are part of our fam­ily, our his­tory. Teach new gen­er­a­tions how to im­prove our coun­try. Use the stat­ues to ex­plain what should not be done.

The Viet­nam War should never have hap­pened, but we served du­ti­fully and proudly. It doesn’t mean we should burn the flag and top­ple the stat­ues. Carmine Len­gua

Es­sen­tial stat­ues

Brook­lyn: With this all this con­sum­ing talk about stat­ues, there’s one group en­tirely ne­glected. How about a statue in recog­ni­tion to our tire­less EMS work­ers? Th­ese guardian an­gels are grossly un­der­ap­pre­ci­ated. The few times I had to call 911 for a med­i­cal emer­gency, I was amazed at their com­pas­sion, pro­fes­sion­al­ism and con­cern. They go above and be­yond, and are ex­am­ples of true hu­man­ity.

Perry Green­berg

Pan­demic pres­i­dent

Brook­lyn: What is more im­por­tant: con­cen­trat­ing on the fight over mon­u­ments, or deal­ing with the coro­n­avirus that is still spread­ing? I wish our pres­i­dent would act re­spon­si­bly and ad­mit he made a mis­take. In­stead, he has made it worse by hold­ing un­safe ral­lies. As a re­sult, sev­eral of his staff mem­bers, as well as Se­cret Ser­vice agents, have come down with the virus. He be­lieves that talk­ing about mon­u­ments will dis­tract from his mis­er­able record in deal­ing with the pan­demic. I can­not be­lieve that any prior pres­i­dent would have been so ir­re­spon­si­ble.


Alan Pod­haizer

Rock­away Beach: Bubba Wal­lace on the mo­torists driv­ing around with a Con­fed­er­ate flag: “It’s the right for peace­ful protests,” Wal­lace told Ya­hoo Sports. “It’s part of

it. But you won’t see them in­side of the race­tracks where we’re hav­ing a good time with the new fans that have pur­chased their tick­ets and pur­chased their fa­vorite driver’s ap­parel. You won’t see it fly­ing in there.” In­ter­est­ing per­spec­tive, I won­der how he feels about fans pay­ing money to en­ter a sta­dium to watch foot­ball and buy jer­seys and then see play­ers dis­re­spect­ing the Amer­i­can flag.

Paul Jablon­ski


Man­hat­tan: “De­fund the po­lice” is an un­for­tu­nate choice of words to ex­press how po­lice of­fi­cers could be bet­ter trained. A hum­ble sug­ges­tion: Why not adopt the two-word phrase, “re­think polic­ing”?


Louis Phillips

Mi­ne­ola, L.I.: School may be out, but the Daily News has given me an­other ex­am­ple of me­dia bias to show my stu­dents. Dur­ing our unit, we fo­cus on how charged words with cer­tain neg­a­tive or pos­i­tive con­no­ta­tions can be used to spin a story. (Think: an 18-year old de­scribed as a “teen” in one head­line, and a “man” in an­other.) I’m glad that The News gave Michael Mul­grew some col­umn space to ex­plain how vi­tal the funds at­tached to the Heroes Act are to­wards the safe re­open­ing of our schools (“Teach­ers will re­turn in the fall if…,” op-ed, June 26), but re­fer­ring to him as a “union boss” (a term with very neg­a­tive, per­haps even crim­i­nal con­no­ta­tions) in the head­line, rather than his ac­tual ti­tle, UFT pres­i­dent, is just an­other ex­am­ple of anti-teacher and anti-union slant.

Gary Malone, ELA teacher/

UFT chap­ter leader

The in­vis­i­ble woman

Copi­ague, L.I.: Now that we’re in agree­ment that Black Lives Mat­ter, let’s start on Women’s Lives Mat­ter. In your story “Stage hit ‘Hamil­ton’ to grace small screen” (June 29) there is a photo of four ac­tors from “Hamil­ton.” The three men are iden­ti­fied by name. The woman is nei­ther named nor re­ferred to. Not even the cour­tesy of “uniden­ti­fied ac­tress.” Through­out his­tory, women have been in­vis­i­ble. Ap­par­ently, this is also the case in your edi­to­rial process.

Karen Meyer Camp­bell

Free Hamil­ton!

Man­hat­tan: If Lin-Manuel Mi­randa re­ally wanted “ev­ery­one” to see “Hamil­ton,” he would ask Dis­ney to make Dis­ney+ freely avail­able to all. Right now you can only get Dis­ney+ if you sub­scribe. How about it, Mr. Mi­randa?

Roberta Horowitz

Love song

New Wind­sor, N.Y.: To Voicer Lynne Lar­son: “Put a Lit­tle Love in Your Heart” from 1969 is cer­tainly ap­pro­pri­ate dur­ing th­ese tough times, but let’s not for­got Jackie DeShan­non’s other apro­pos hit, the 1965 Burt Bacharach­penned “What the World Needs Now is Love.”

Todd Schus­ter

Not be­com­ing V.P.

Prospect, Conn.: I agree with Voicer Muriel Di­a­mond’s sug­ges­tion to nom­i­nate Michelle Obama for vice pres­i­dent. I just fin­ished read­ing Ms. Obama’s book “Be­com­ing” and thor­oughly en­joyed it. Sadly, at the con­clu­sion, she in­di­cated she has no in­ten­tion of run­ning for of­fice. She has never been a fan of pol­i­tics and her past ex­pe­ri­ence has done noth­ing to change her mind. She would have made pos­i­tive change, some­thing this coun­try des­per­ately needs.

Joseph Car­di­nale

Fire­work fail

Breezy Point: What is this clown of a mayor say­ing about a new fire­works task force? There has been a task force ev­ery year since Rudy Gi­u­liani to re­duce the num­ber of peo­ple get­ting in­jured from fire­works un­til it was stopped un­der his ad­min­is­tra­tion. It in­cluded the NYPD, FDNY and ATF. Thanks for ru­in­ing our city, de Bla­sio!

Pat Camp­bell

Au­dit time

East Brunswick, N.J.: So the city needs a bailout, and de Bla­sio is blam­ing Trump, when this was caused by his

/HULTON ARCHIVE/GETTY IM­AGES own in­ept lead­er­ship. I sug­gest the mayor ask his wife for the money. Where are the mil­lions she got for her ThriveNYC pro­gram?

Ron­nie Calem


Tuck­a­hoe, N.Y.: Why run a “Least pop­u­lar dog breeds” fea­ture? You prob­a­bly wouldn’t run a “least pop­u­lar peo­ple” col­umn. Dogs are a gift to hu­man­ity; we don’t de­serve them. In re­turn for un­con­di­tional love and un­de­served kind­ness, we put them in dis­gust­ing puppy mills and sub­ject them to de­spi­ca­ble breed­ing tech­niques. Pedi­grees are fre­quently the re­sult of in­breed­ing or se­lec­tive breed­ing, re­sult­ing in ge­netic prob­lems such as epilepsy, spinal prob­lems, heart dis­ease, breath­ing and skin dis­or­ders. Dogs de­serve bet­ter.

Ki­ley Black­man

Miss­ing pa­rade

Man­hat­tan: Does any­one re­mem­ber the big prom­ise that de Bla­sio made about a pa­rade for all the grad­u­ates? So, when is it? Shaine Tabi

Come again?

Brook­lyn: For­get about the pres­i­dent get­ting tested for COVID-19 all the time. They should test his hear­ing. He didn’t hear the brief­ing about a bounty put on our troops in Afghanista­n? He didn’t hear the guy in The Vil­lages video shout “white power” twice?

Bill Brown

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