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A woman’s cat is stuck in a tree, and she calls the fire depart­ment for help. The fire chief lis­tens, then asks, “How do we get there?”

The voice on the other end asks timidly, “Don’t you still have that big red truck?”

In to­day’s deal, West led the queen of spades against four hearts, and South took dummy’s ace and cashed the A-K of trumps hope­fully. Alas, West dis­carded, and South was sunk. He had to lose two spades and a club plus a trump to East’s queen.

South needed to find a way to reach that big red king of di­a­monds in dummy so he could use it to dis­card a loser. At Trick Two South can lead a trump and fi­nesse with his ten.

If West held the queen, the de­fense could cash two spades, but South could win a club shift, un­block the ace of di­a­monds, draw trumps with the ace and jack, and pitch his club loser on the king of di­a­monds.

As the cards lie, South’s trump fi­nesse wins, and he still makes game, los­ing three black-suit tricks but not a trump.

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