Ax­ing NYers’ SALT De­duc­tion

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The SALT de­duc­tions have al­lowed states (NY, NJ, CT, CA) with high real-es­tate and sales taxes to be sub­si­dized by states that have rea­son­able tax rates (“Tax man vows com­pro­mise,” Nov. 13).

The pro­posed $10,000 cap on real-es­tate taxes helps mid­dle-class peo­ple and asks those pay­ing more than $10,000 in real-es­tate taxes to pay their fair share.

The con­gress­men who op­pose cut­ting the de­duc­tions are mak­ing noise with­out ad­mit­ting they are help­ing the rich in their dis­tricts. The mid­dle class will not lose their de­duc­tion with the pro­posed $10,000 cap. Peter Proven­zale Som­er­set

Rep. Peter King stated on Fox News that if the SALT de­duc­tion is elim­i­nated, his New York con­stituents will get “screwed.”

Does King not un­der­stand that SALT is al­ready screw­ing New York tax­pay­ers?

If New York pols are so con­cerned about their con­stituents’ tax re­turns, maybe it’s time they take a long, hard look at taxes they charge their con­stituents in the first place.

If not, New York will con­tinue to cre­ate refugees like my­self who move 1,000 miles south, where SALT taxes are min­i­mal or non-ex­is­tent. Patrick Phe­lan Se­bas­tian, Fla.

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