Cul­ture critic: Has #MeToo Be­come a Witch Hunt?

New York Post - - POSTOPINION -

Women “are not go­ing nuts for no rea­son,” con­cedes Clare Ber­lin­ski at The Amer­i­can In­ter­est. And yet, she cau­tions, #MeToo “is go­ing too far. Mass hys­te­ria has set in. It has be­come a clas­sic moral panic, one that is ul­ti­mately as dan­ger­ous to women as to men.” In­deed, “it now takes only one ac­cu­sa­tion to de­stroy a man’s life. Just one for him to be tried and sen­tenced in the court of pub­lic opin­ion, overnight cost­ing him his liveli­hood and so­cial re­spectabil­ity.” We seem un­able “to parse the dif­fer­ence be­tween rape and stu­pid­ity.” Yes, the guilty must be held to ac­count, but “rev­o­lu­tions against real in­jus­tice have a ten­dency . . . to de­scend into parox­ysms of vengeance that de­scend upon guilty and in­no­cent alike.” And, she warns, “we’re get­ting too close.”


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