Hill­town con­tin­ues with roof re­place­ment

News-Herald (Perkasie, PA) - - FRONT PAGE - By Thomas Celona

Mon­day af­ter­noon’s rainy weather made the im­por­tance of that evening’s dis­cus­sion all the more ap­par­ent.

“We did ex­pe­ri­ence some leak­ing in the roof to­day,” Hill­town Town­ship Man­ager Richard Sch­naedter said as the board of su­per­vi­sors con­tin­ued its dis­cus­sion about op­tions for re­plac­ing the town­ship build­ing’s roof at its Aug. 27 meet­ing.

The board di­rected town­ship staff WR SrHSDrH ELG VSHFL­fiFDWLRQV IRr WKH roof re­place­ment project, which early es­ti­mates pre­dict could cost up to $142,000.

At its July 23 meet­ing, the board heard a pre­sen­ta­tion from Joe Ho­ran of Kim­mel-Bo­grette ar­chi­tects about op­tions and prices for the project.

3DrW RI WKH EuLOGLQJ’V rRRI LV flDW, while a por­tion is peaked.

FRr WKH flDW-rRRI VHFWLRQ, HRrDQ SrHVHQWHG WKrHH RSWLRQV. 7KH firVW, with a 15- to 20-year war­ranty, would cost $21,000 to $25,000; the sec­ond, with a 20-year war­ranty, would cost $26,700 to $32,130; and

WKH fiQDO RSWLRQ, ZLWK D 30year war­ranty, would cost $31,130 to $35,700.

Ho­ran sim­i­larly pre­sented three op­tions for the peaked-roof por­tion. 7KH fiRVW ZDV IRR DVSKDOW shin­gles, which would cost $51,000 to $93,000; the sec­ond was for stand­ing seam metal shin­gles, which would cost $238,000 to $306,000; DQG WKH fiQDO DOter­na­tive was for syn­thetic slate shin­gles, which would cost $238,000 to $425,000. WLWK WKH fiRVW WZR DOWHRQD­tives, there is an op­tion to add a di­men­sional slate look for an es­ti­mated 10 per­cent to 15 per­cent ad­di­tional cost.

At the July 23 meet­ing, the su­per­vi­sors agreed to go with the most ex­pen­sive but best qual­ity op­tion for the flat roof, but no con­sen­sus was reached about the re­main­der of the roof.

“The peak por­tion is open for dis­cus­sion at this point,” board Chair­woman Bar­bara Sal­vadore said.

Board Vice Chair­man Jack McIl­hin­ney voiced his sup­port for the as­phalt op­tion.

“I’m not $300,000 and roof,” he said.

The re­main­der of the board agreed, di­rect­ing town­ship staff to pre­pare ELG VSHFL­fiFDWLRQV IRR WKH 30-yHDR ZDRRDQWy flDW-RRRI op­tion and the as­phalt peaked-roof op­tion.

The specs will come back into the

$425,000 to the board be­fore be­ing put out to bid.

The com­bined cost of those two op­tions could range from $82,130 to $128,700, ac­cord­ing to the es­ti­mates from Kim­melBo­grette. If the board opts to go for the di­men­sional slate look on the peaked roof, WKDW fiJURH FRUOG LQFRHDVH Ey $5,100 to $13,950.

The town­ship bud­geted $82,000 for the roof re­place­ment project, but it an­tic­i­pates sav­ing money on other bud­geted cap­i­tal projects, Sch­naedter said.

In other busi­ness, af­ter years in the plan­ning stages, the Guttman Tract is one maMRR VWHS FORVHR WR fiQDOOy EHing de­vel­oped.

7KH ERDRG JRDQWHG fi­nal ap­proval for Hill­town Walk, the sub­di­vi­sion to be de­vel­oped by Deluca Homes that will oc­cupy the 86-acre Guttman Tract prop­erty along Green Street. The ap­proval passed in a 2-1 vote, with McIl­hin­ney dis­sent­ing.

The pro­posed de­vel­op­ment would con­tain lots for 57 homes, three of which al­ready ex­ist, ac­cord­ing to Karl Janetka of Van Cleef Engi­neer­ing, the en­gi­neer for Deluca Homes.

The sub­di­vi­sion re­ceived pre­lim­i­nary ap­proval in April, and mostly mi­nor changes had been made in the re­vised plan be­fore the town­ship, ac­cord­ing to Janetka.

The one ma­jor dif­fer­ence, Janetka said, is that the wa­ter line that was orig­i­nally along Green Street would now cut across town­ship-owned prop­erty near Cream­ery Road and Route 153.

Su­per­vi­sor Jim Groff noted the ac­tual lo­ca­tion of the ease­ment for that wa­ter line would have to be ap­proved by the board at a later date.

McIl­hin­ney raised con­cerns with the change in lo­ca­tion for the wa­ter line, say­ing he felt the line was sup­posed to go along Green in or­der to al­low area homes with fail­ing sys­tems to con­nect to it.

Groff said the line will still stub at Green, al­low­ing nearby prop­er­ties to con­nect to it.

“We’re still get­ting the same thing done,” he said.

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