Cuth­bert made the right call

News-Herald (Perkasie, PA) - - OPINION - By Dan Arkans

Pen­nridge coach 5Dndy CuWKEHrW PDy FoPH undHr firH in WKH FoPinJ wHHNs for play­ing his team DJDinsW 4uDNHrWown on 7KDnNsJiYinJ DDy Srior Wo D disWriFW sHPifinDO loss to Spring-Ford on Satur­day.

WH wiOO nHYHr Nnow if the re­sults would’ve been dif­fer­ent if he would’ve rested his en­tire team as SpringFord did — or what firH KH’d EH undHr iI Kis team had still lost on 7KDnNsJiYinJ Dnd WKHn again in dis­tricts.

But in the end, Cuth­bert made the right de­ci­sion.

Foot­ball, in some parts, still mat­ters on 7KDnNsJiYinJ Dnd iW should al­ways mat­ter.

My mother re­cently DsNHd wKDW WKH KoOidDy means to me.

To me, mostly it’s about the three F’s — fam­ily, food and foot­ball. I’ll let you de­cide the or­der.

My fam­ily has played D 7KDnNsJiYinJ JDPH dubbed, un­for­tu­nately, “7KH 7oiOHW BowO,” for go­ing on 60 years. My grand­fa­ther played in WKH firsW JDPH wiWK my great un­cle. My grand­fa­ther has since passed, and my un­cle is still play­ing at age 73. There were years grow­ing up that play­ing in this game was the high­light to my en­tire yHDr, Dnd Kow , dHfinHd 7KDnNsJiYinJ.

Now that my boys are old enough, the game has truly come full cir­cle.

It used to be about win­ning — about beat­ing my dad and el­ders. Now, it’s about fun and about get­ting ev­ery­one in­volved in the game. It’s about fam­ily and foot­ball and a lit­tle about food be­cause my fa­ther is an off-thecharts chef.

For soPH, 7KDnNs­giv­ing may be about WKDW 3Hn­nridJH/4uDNer­town game, mainly be­cause it’s the only game in town.

New con­fer­ences, lost ri­vals, it’s all added up to more and more teams do­ing away with WKHir 7KDnNsJiYinJ

game and tra­di­tion. What’s next to go, pump­kin pie?

Sure, if we’re not in the play­offs, we’ll play you. That didn’t work out so well for North Penn and LC for about a decade, and go fiJuUH, WKHy FRuOG’vH SODyHG this year.

Pen­nridge and Quak­er­town not only had to play be­cause they are each RWKHU’s 1R. 1 ULvDO, QR PDWter the record or year, but be­cause the Rams needed it to win the league ti­tle.

Eas­ton still treats Phillips- burg as its game of the year — no mat­ter what the fu­ture has in store for the post­sea­son. I wit­nessed Strouds­burg and East Strouds­burg 6RuWK WUy WR fiJuUH RuW D new game plan in this new world. They de­cided to play twice — once in the league DQG RQFH RQ TKDQNsJLvLQJ.

There is no school coaches can go to on this one.

It was a mag­i­cal year for Pen­nridge, but still the ques­tions will be asked. I don’t think they should. It was a no-win sit­u­a­tion for Cuth­bert.

Foot­ball coaches don’t look ahead; they fo­cus on the game in front of them. HH FRuOGQ’W KDvH SuW LQ KLs MDyvHH DQG GLsJUDFH WKH game, much like SpringFord did. He treated the game with the re­spect it’s GHsHUvHG IRU 83 yHDUs. Around Perkasie and 6HOOHUsvLOOH, WKH TuHsWLRQ isn’t, “How far did you go in dis­tricts?” The ques­tion is, “Did you beat Quak­er­town?”

This year the Rams did, DQG LW JDvH WKHP WKH OHDJuH ti­tle.

It was the right call; the only call.

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