Perkasie in run­ning for spot on TV show

News-Herald (Perkasie, PA) - - FRONT PAGE - By Meghan Ross

Perkasie could po­ten­tially be­come the star of “To­day in Amer­ica,” a TV show fo­cus­ing on the best places to live, work and play in North Amer­ica.

Mayor John Hol­len­bach spoke to the pub­lic and bor­ough coun­cil 7XHVGDy, )HE. 19, DERXW KLV fiUVW LQter­view to con­vince the pro­duc­tion com­pany to choose the bor­ough.

The show, which is shown through both FOX and ABC, is hosted by foot­ball star Terry Brad­shaw, a former quar­ter­back for the Pitts­burgh Steel­ers.

Hol­len­bach said the in­ter­viewer had to stop him af­ter he con­tin­ued to rat­tle off rea­sons why Perkasie wRXOG EH D JRRG fiW IRU WKH VKRw.

“I told him I’m slightly bi­ased,” the mayor said.

$IWHU WKH fiUVW LQWHUYLHw, WKH PDyor was told he would have a sec­ond in­ter­view with a pro­duc­tion man­ager. That was also when the mayor learned, how­ever, there was a catch: the bor­ough or stake­hold­ers would need to front a pro­duc­tion fee of

$24,800 for the show. The rea­son for this is be­cause in the past, the pro­duc­tion com­pany said they had spent three or four dayV film­ing in a lo­ca­tion and when a pro­duc­tion man­ager butted headV with Vome­one like a mayor, the TV show crew waV aVked to leave.

Bor­ough 0an­ager Daniel 2lpere Vaid he Vent -oe Ferry, vice preVi­dent of PerkaVie 2lde Towne $VVo­ci­a­tion and pub­lic in­for­ma­tion of­fi­cer for Pen­nridge School DiVtrict, aV well aV Stephen Barth, PerkaVie’V eco­nomic devel­op­ment di­rec­tor, the de­tailV of the pro­duc­tion in or­der to get their opin­ion on whether there might be Vtake­hold­erV in­tereVted in an­te­ing up for the pro­duc­tion costs.

“,t VoundV like a paid com­mer­cial for the town,” Coun­cil­man -im 5yder Vaid.

2lpere Vaid 5eal­torV or bankV might be two ex­am­pleV of peo­ple and buVineVVeV that could po­ten­tially ben­e­fit from the Vhow and could Verve aV Vtake­hold­erV.

“The ben­e­fitV, , hope, would be at­tract­ing peo­ple to work, live and play here, but alVo at­tract buVineVVeV that might have an in­tereVt in the empty in­duV­trial VpaceV,” Hol­len­bach Vaid, not­ing that Se­cant 0ed­i­cal ,nc. would be mov­ing out of the bor­ough Voon.

Some of the thingV Hol­len­bach talked about in hiV in­ter­view were the parkV, the hiV­tory of the bor­ough Vtart­ing with Wil­liam Penn’V Von, the VtreetV laid out like Philadel­phia’V, the high VchoolV, the Pen­nridge area in gen­eral and the two “vi­brant” com- mu­nity hoVpi­talV: Grand View and DoyleV­town. He alVo rec­og­nized that PerkaVie haV itV own elec­tric VyVtem and pub­lic workV, not­ing that the bor­ough col­lectV itV own traVh.

The mayor deVcribed PerkaVie aV a Tuiet, Tuaint town that VitV on a hill but iV Vtill cloVe to cul­tural placeV like Philadel­phia.

“, prob­a­bly went into a 20-minute dis­course about ev­ery­thing,” Hol­len­bach said.

Hol­len­bach Vaid the pro­duc­tion com­pany Vought him out, Vay­ing they found that PerkaVie had the cri­te­ria they were look­ing for for their show.

The mayor said if the bor­ough can­not aVcer­tain if there iV any in­tereVt, ben­e­fitV or buVineVVeV or in­di­vid­u­alV who would be will­ing to act aV Vtake­hold­erV, he would like to can­cel the in­ter­view, so as to not waste the pro­duc­tion com­pany’V time.

Still, Hol­len­bach waV ex­cited about the op­por­tu­nity.

“$t the end [of the firVt in­ter­view] he [the in­ter­viewer] felt that PerkaVie iV the kind of com­mu­nity they would like to high­light,” Hol­len­bach said.

The mayor alVo noted with a touch of glee that he iV a fan of foot­ball and of BradVhaw Vpecif­i­cally.

$ccord­ing to the TV Vhow’V we­bVite, “To­day in $mer­ica” focuVeV on buVineVV newV Vto­rieV and lifeVtyle fea­tureV and would con­duct in­ter­viewV with peo­ple like doc­torV, Vci­en­tiVtV, in­ven­torV, buVineVV own­erV and phi­lan­thropiVtV.

$lVo at TueV­day’V bor­ough coun­cil meet­ing, in­terim po­lice Chief Steve Hil­liaV re­ported that PerkaVie Bor­ough po­lice of­fi­cerV were un­der­go­ing ad­di­tional train­ing, aV VuggeVted by $bing­ton po­lice Chief Wil­liam .elly in hiV report fol­low­ing the 0ichael 0arino -r. Vhoot­ing in SellerVville laVt -une.

Hil­liaV Vaid two of­fi­cerV went through a 40-hour criViV in­ter­ven­tion train­ing pro­gram in -an­uary, while the rest of the de­part­ment mi­nus thoVe two of­fi­cerV at­tended a Vix-hour in­tro­duc­tion to the C,T pro­gram.

,deally, Hil­liaV Vaid he would like to Vee the en­tire de­part­ment ro­tate through the 40-hour pro­gram over the next three to four yearV.

Two of­fi­cerV alVo at­tended a Vtreet Vur­vival train­ing pro­gram in $tlantic City, N.-., in -an­uary, and Hil­liaV Vaid hiV goal waV to have ev­ery of­fi­cer who haVn’t al­ready at­tended thiV claVV do Vo in the fu­ture.

“,t’V gen­er­ally well re­garded aV one of the beVt in the coun­try for of­fi­cer Vafety iVVueV,” Hil­liaV Vaid of the Vur­vival train­ing pro­gram.

,n the pub­lic fo­rum, a reVi­dent aVked if the of­fi­cerV were un­der­go­ing any train­ing Vpecif­i­cally on how to han­dle cit­i­zenV with men­tal ill­neVVeV.

Hil­liaV Vaid the C,T pro­gram ad­dreVVed thiV iVVue, aV well aV how to han­dle thoVe with men­tal chal­lengeV.

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