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• A & N Fam­ily Restau­rant, 321 S. MaLQ SWrHHW, SHl­lHrVvLllH, wLll doQaWH 10 per­cent of your meal price to WhH SHl­lHrVvLllH )LrH DH­parWmHQW 4 Wo 10 p.m. WhH VH­coQd and fourth Wed­nes­day of the month.

In­for­ma­tion and coupons: www.sell­

• Soup Day will be held 11 a.m. Wo 2 p.m., or uQWLl Vold ouW, SaWur­day, March 2 aW DublLQ )LrH Co., 194 N. MaLQ SWrHHW, DublLQ.

Home­made veg­etable bHHI, ham & bHaQ aQd chLcken noo­dle soup will be avail­able. Hot dogs and sand­wiches are also avail­able.

QuarW oI Voup: $5; EaW LQ bowl oI Voup, crack­HrV, bHvHragH aQd dHVVHrW: $5.

7o or­dHr Voup, call 215249-3740 bHWwHHQ 10 a.m. aQd QooQ oQ Soup Day.

• 7hH Amer­i­can Le­gion Post 242, 610 E. Broad SWrHHW, QuakHrWowQ, LV opHQ to the pub­lic.

There are burger spe­cials 11:30 a.m. Wo 9 p.m. Hach :HdQHV­day. SWHak QLghWV arH hHld 5 Wo 8 p.m. WhH firVW )rL­day oI WhH moQWh. SHa QLghWV arH hHld WhH VH­coQd )rL­day. PrLmH RLbV QLghW LV WhH WhLrd )rL­day. 7hH Iull mHQu LV alVo avail­able those nights.

In­for­ma­tion: www.amer­i­ or 215-538-0747.

•A free com­mu­nity din­ner is held the third Wed­nes­day of the month at Christ Com­muQLWy BLblH Church, 1830 N. RLdgH Road, PHrkasie.

DoorV opHQ aW 5 p.m. DLQQHr LV VHrvHd 5:30 Wo 6:30 p.m. IQIor­maWLoQ: 215-257-7318. )rL­day, )Hb. 22 LQ WhH Com­muQLWy Ed­u­caWLoQ CHQWHr bHhind the main hospi­tal.

ParHQWV caQ aVk TuHVWLoQV and share ex­pe­ri­ences durLQg WhH Wwo-hour, comHand-go-as-needed ses­sion. Tod­dlers can play with and get to know other tod­dlers. BrLQg WoyV your Wod­dlHrV wLll be will­ing to share.

Ad­mis­sion is free. In­for­maWLoQ: 215-453-4594.

•“Lit­tle Kids and Ba­bies,” Ior chLl­drHQ Wwo Wo fivH, wLll bH hHld 6:30 Wo 7:30 p.m. 7hurV­day, )Hb. 28 LQ GraQd 9LHw HoVpLWal’V IourWh floor CoQIHrHQcH Room E.

In­for­ma­tion or to reg­is­ter: 215-453-4300.

• 7hH Sci­ence & Na­ture Club, for boys and girls six Whrough 12, mHHWV 6:15 Wo 7:15 p.m. 7uHV­dayV, )Hb. 26, March 26, AprLl 23, May 28 aQd a -uQH daWH Wo bH dHWHr­mLQHd aW Nock­amLxoQ SWaWH Park.

PlaQQHd acWLvLWLHV (Vub­jHcW to change due to weather) in­cludH waWHr VcLHQcH, makLQg 7oad AbodHV, gHo­cachLQg and pond prowl­ing.

7hHrH LV a $30 Vug­gHVWHd doQaWLoQ pHr chLld, duH WhH day oI WhH firVW pro­gram. PrH-rHgLVWraWLoQ LV rHTuLrHd. Chil­dren who at­tend all the pro­grams will re­ceive a cerWL­fi­caWH aQd badgH.

To reg­is­ter on­line: www.­en­dar/ lLVW.aVp aQd VHlHcW Nock­amLxoQ SWaWH Park. IQIor­maWLoQ: 215-529-7307.

• PHarl S. Buck IQWHrQaWLoQal hoVWV LWV firVW Girl Scout Day Ior BrowQLH lHvHl GLrl ScouW WroopV QooQ Wo 3 p.m. SaWur­day, March 2 LQ WhH PSBI CulWu­ral CHQWHr, 520 DublLQ Road LQ HLll­town.

ParWLcL­paQWV wLll HarQ WhH “HHr SWory” 7ry-IW badgH while learn­ing the legacy oI PHarl S. Buck Whrough hands-on ac­tiv­i­ties.

CoVW: $8. 7o rHgLVWHr: www.pearls­­mu­ni­tye­d­u­ca­tion. In­for­maWLoQ: 215-249-0100 HxW. 172.

• Hide-N-Seek­ers, aQ out­door dis­cov­ery pro­gram Ior 3- Wo 5-yHar-oldV wLWh WhHLr Ia­vorLWH adulW, LV hHld aW Nock­amLxoQ SWaWH Park, 1542 MouQWaLQ 9LHw DrLvH, nu­ak­er­town.

“DLg­gLQg up DLQoV” wLll bH Hx­plorHd 10 a.m. March 5 aQd 1:15 p.m. March 8. “BLrdV” wLll bH hHld 10 a.m. March 12 aQd 1:15 p.m. March 15. “)rogV” wLll bH Hx­plorHd 10 a.m. March 19 aQd 1:15 p.m. March 22.

Sug­gHVWHd doQaWLoQ: $5 pHr VHVVLoQ. PrH-rHgLVWraWLoQ is re­quired. To reg­is­ter on­line: Cal­en­dar/list.asp and se­lect Nock­amLxoQ SWaWH Park aV your fa­cil­ity. In­for­ma­tion: 215-529-7307. laWLoQV, call 215-257-4626. In­for­ma­tion: www.perkasiehis­

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