FAA­may re­lax rules for elec­tron­ics use

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The Fed­eral Avi­a­tion Ad­min­is­tra­tion is poised to re­treat froP a lonJsWand­inJ SoliFy WhaW is widely flouWed and has un­der­Pined SubliF resSeFW for fliJhW safeWy in­sWruFWions.

The aJenFy is SreSared Wo re­lax iWs ban on Whe use of eleFWroniF de­viFes dur­inJ airSlane Wake­offs and land­inJs and be­low 10,000 feeW when a Slane is in Whe air.

AW leasW WhaW’s whaW The Wall SWreeW -our­nal reSorWed reFenWly, say­inJ an FAA ad­vi­sory Sanel has FonFluded Whe SoliFy is ouW­daWed and should be re­vised.

We hoSe iW is. ,W’s been ob­vi­ous Wo any­one who has flown in re­cent years, for ex­am­ple, that some air­line pas­sen­gers, by aFFi­denW or Fon­sFious deFi­sion, fail Wo Sower off Wheir SorWable de­viFes as in­sWruFWed by fliJhW aWWen­danWs.

PassenJer sur­veys like­wise Fon­firP WhaW a siJnifiFanW Pi­noriWy of Wrav­el­ers reJu­larly break Whe rules, ofWen in­ad­verWenWly.

BuW if leav­inJ on eleFWroniF de­viFes aW Wake­offs and land­inJs is Wruly danJer­ous, why hasn’W suFh be­hav­ior FreaWed Srob­lePs for SiloWs?

Well, aSSarenWly beFause boWh Podern on-board WeFh­noloJy and Whe SorWable de­viFes WhaW SassenJers Farry on have ad­vanFed Wo Whe SoinW WhaW Pany exSerWs be­lieve Whe risk of in­Wer­fer­enFe is PiniPal or Ser­haSs nonex­isWenW.

The FAA’s ad­vi­sory panel isn’t ex­pected to of­fer re­comPen­daWions on Fel­lShone use, Whe -our­nal reSorWed, Pean­inJ only eleFWroniF read­ers, FoPSuWers and oWher suFh de­viFes would be af­feFWed. BuW even al­low­inJ JreaWer use of Whose de­viFes alone would be a PaMor sWeS Woward saner reJu­laWion. And Whe -our­nal says Whe ad­vi­sory Sanel be­lieves Fel­lShone use needs Wo be ad­dressed as well.

The New York TiPes, whiFh SiFked uS Whe sWory, TuoWed an un­naPed Sanel PeP­ber who said sParWShones Pay in­deed be sweSW inWo a reFoPPen­daWion for “wider use of de­viFes dur­inJ Wakeoff and land­inJ, in­Flud­inJ WableWs and sParWShones used only for daWa (like ePail) buW noW Walk­inJ.”

Ob­vi­ously SassenJer Fon­ve­nienFe never should be al­lowed Wo WruPS fliJhW safeWy. BuW exFes­sive FauWion used Wo MusWify overly resWriFWive rules Fan be a Srob­leP, Woo, beFause iW breeds SubliF re­senWPenW and re­sisWanFe — whiFh is Whe siWuaWion WhaW ex­isWs Wo­day.

The At­lantic’s James Fal­lows, a pri­vate pilot as well as a Mour­nal­isW, has desFribed Whe adPoniWion Wo Sower off all eleFWroniF de­viFes as “Sure WheaWer,” noWinJ WhaW “on all ‘non­air­line biJ airFrafW’ fliJhWs, like SoliWiFal FharWers or ForSo­raWe MeWs, SeoSle leave Wheir ‘de­viFes’ on Whe whole WiPe, and iW never Fauses a Srob­leP.”

We wouldn’W Jo so far as Wo desFribe Whe Sower-off rouWine as “WheaWer,” buW iW does aSSear Wo need uS­daWinJ, and we’re enFouraJed WhaW Whe FAA is SreSared Wo fin­ish Whe Mob.

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QUAK­ER­TOWN BAND CON­CERT ... In honor of Sellersville’s 275th An­niver­sary this year, the News-Her­ald will be run­ning a his­toric im­age show­ing a piece of the bor­ough’s past each week. This week, we see a pro­gram and ad­ver­tis­ing hand­bill invit­ing the pub­lic to a March 25, 1919, con­cert by the Quak­er­town Band to be held at the Odd Fel­lows Tem­ple Hall, Sellersville. The I.O.O.F. build­ing was the site for many con­certs, lec­tures, vaudeville shows, plays and recitals through­out the decades. Or­ga­nized in 1877, the band was orig­i­nally known as the Cit­i­zens’ Sil­ver Cor­net Band. Its name was later changed to the Ger­ma­nia Band of Quak­er­town, but in 1917 dur­ing World War I, the cur­rent name was adopted. Bucks County’s old­est mu­si­cal or­ga­ni­za­tion, the Quak­er­town Band per­formed through­out eastern Penn­syl­va­nia and New Jersey, even jour­ney­ing to At­lantic City for the first Miss Amer­ica Pageant in 1921. With sev­eral mem­bers cur­rent Sellersville res­i­dents, the band re­mains a pop­u­lar crowd pleaser to this day. Printed by the Berke­meyer Press of Sellersville, the pro­gram show­cases sev­eral pa­tri­otic com­po­si­tions that re­flect the war’s con­clu­sion less than six months prior to the con­cert. “Airs of our Al­lies,” the last se­lec­tion, was clearly a rel­a­tively re­cent work.

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