Dal­ton, Pen­nridge blank Nor-Gwyn

News-Herald (Perkasie, PA) - - SPORTS - By Nick Iuele

Pen­nridge’s Trevor Dal­ton hasn’t been the most con­sis­tent pitcher in the league this sea­son, but has showed flDsKHs RI brLl­lLDnFH. AIWHr his gem against Nor-Gwyn, LW’s IDLr WR sDy WKDW KH Ls fiJur­ing things out right on time.

Pen­nridge im­proved its FKDnFHs RI JDLnLnJ WKH WRS seed in the Bux-Mont playRIIs wLWK D 2-0 wLn RYHr Lans­dale. Led by Dal­ton’s com­plete-game two-hit shutout, Pen­nridge’s lineup per­se­vered through a very good out­ing by Nor-Gwyn sWDrWHr AnWKRny CDPHrRn DnG sFrDWFKHG D IHw runs across while let­ting Dal­ton WDNH FDrH RI WKH rHsW.

“Trevor was down at the shore last week with a couSlH RI SHRSlH DnG yRu nHYHr know what you are go­ing WR JHW DIWHr D YDFDWLRn, buW he didn’t dis­ap­point at all,” Pen­nridge coach Rocky Wright said. “Nor-Gwyn KDsn’W sFRrHG D run RII RI us all year, two shutouts, so I like the way we are play­ing JRLnJ LnWR WKH SlDyRIIs.”

While Dal­ton has been good over­all this sea­son, he has shown some in­con­sis­tency. Whether he gives up base run­ners and runs late or early, it has been a strug­gle WR finG D FRPSlHWH SHrIRr­mance. How­ever, his dom­i­nant out­ing in this game shows that he is im­prov­ing at a rapid pace, which helps Pen­nridge as they pre­pare IRr WKH SlDyRII run nHxW week. He only al­lowed three base run­ners over seven in­nings.

“, IHlW JRRG DW WKH sWDrW RI WKH JDPH; , IHlW lLNH , FRulG WKrRw PRsW RI Py SLWFKHs IRr sWrLNHs,” DDlWRn sDLG. “, know th­ese guys are good hit­ters so I had to hit my spots. This out­ing gives PH FRn­fiGHnFH bHFDusH WKDW IRurWK DnG fiIWK Ln­nLnJ, like third time through the lineup, nor­mally gives me trou­ble. You have to know the hit­ter and hit your spots and I didn’t that to­day.”

CDPHrRn PDWFKHG DDl­ton in the early go­ing. Both pitch­ers didn’t al­low a hit WKrRuJK IRur Ln­nLnJs. 1RrGwyn gave up a sec­ond in­ning run on a wild pitch, but RWKHr WKDn WKDW, CDPHrRn wDs Ln FRnWrRl. TR bH IDLr, KH never re­ally lost con­trol, it was that Dal­ton was so good that the Hawks’ hit­ters never fiJurHG KLP RuW.

“It was a good time, DalWRn MusW JRW WKH bHWWHr RI PH,” CDPHrRn sDLG. “TKHy got a cou­ple hits when they needed them; we just needed to hit a lit­tle bet­ter I guess.”

The vis­i­tors’ only in­sur­ance run came on Mike hac­er­gis’ sixth in­ning RBI sin­gle, but the Pen­nridge RIIHnsH sWruJJlHG DJDLnsW CDPHrRn RuWsLGH RI WKDW. 3Hn­nrLGJH PDnDJHG MusW fiYH KLWs Ln WKH JDPH, Rnly RnH RI wKLFK wDs IRr HxWrD bDsHs. With Dal­ton throw­ing that well, though, one run would KDYH bHHn HnRuJK IRr 3Hn­nridge to take the game.

Both pitch­ers threw a com­plete game, and on anRWKHr nLJKW CDPHrRn wRulG have taken the win, but a FRPbLnDWLRn RI DDlWRn’s LPprove­ment and Nor-Gwyn’s strug­gles at the plate made IRr D lRsLnJ IRrPulD. 1RrGwyn, how­ever, came into the con­test on a three-game win streak and ap­pears to bH sHFurH Ln D SlDyRII sSRW. TKH IDFW WKDW WKHy SlDyHG WKLs wHll DJDLnsW 3Hn­nrLGJH, DIWHr beat­ing ta­ble-top­ping Pottstown ear­lier in the week, shows that they may be rHDGy IRr D suFFHssIul SlDyRII run.

“The last cou­ple games KDYH bHHn KuJH IRr us,” CDPHrRn sDLG. “WH wHrH on a three-game win­ning streak and now we played well against Pen­nridge; nR Hr­rRr bDsHbDll. WH IHHl pretty good about how we are play­ing.”

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