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The Plain Dealer (Cleve­land) re­cently tapped LW Graph­ics Sys­tems to re­place two of its four Ferag press con­veyor tracks.

LWG sup­plied a to­tal of 600 me­ters of fac­tory re­built TTR chain with grip­pers—300 me­ters on each con­veyor. It also sup­plied eight new re­verse sprock­ets de­signed to drive the TTR chain and new grip­per clos­ing cam as­sem­blies.

“Our Ferag con­vey­ors were in­stalled in 1993 and 1994,” Joe Bow­man, vice pres­i­dent of pro­duc­tion for The Plain Dealer, told News & Tech. “They were worn out, they were out of spec and the chain was stretched.”

That prompted the pub­lisher to put a pro­ject to­gether to re­place the two con­vey­ors that were in the worst shape.

Bow­man said that thanks to dili­gent main­te­nance, the con­vey­ors weren’t fail­ing and hadn’t bro­ken down, but that the re­place­ments have sig­nif­i­cantly im­proved prod­uct pick up.

“It’s far less trou­ble­some or time con­sum­ing to get it ze­roed in dur­ing pro­duc­tion now,” he added.

The Plain Dealer op­er­ated four Goss Color­liner presses and in ad­di­tion to its flag­ship daily, the Ferag con­vey­ors han­dle com­mer­cial pro­duc­tion of USA Today, The Wall Street Jour­nal, and the Akron Bea­con-Jour­nal (Ohio).

LWG con­veyor re­place­ments con­sisted of dis­as­sem­bling grip­pers into their sep­a­rate parts, thor­oughly clean­ing and in­spect­ing them, and re­plac­ing or re­pair­ing com­po­nents such as swivel bear­ings con­nect­ing the chain links, guide rollers, springs, and any rub­ber parts.

Other pub­lish­ers tap LWG

LWG also com­mis­sioned re­cent post­press up­grades at pro­duc­tion plants for the Pa­triot-News in Har­ris­burg, Pennsylvania, for the Star-Ledger at its fa­cil­ity in Montville, New Jersey, for the Avalanche-Jour­nal in Lub­bock, Texas, and for the Post-Stan­dard in Syra­cuse, New York.

The Pa­triot-News in­te­grated and com­mis­sioned a new dou­ble-out folder con­nec­tion, a fac­tory re­built Ferag type 85 pick-up sta­tion, ap­prox­i­mately 70 me­ters of re­fur­bished TTR chain and new con­veyor track. Two TTR con­vey­ors were also up­graded with new LWG, PLC-based con­veyor con­trols and in­te­grated with the press.

At the Star-Ledger, LWG re­placed ex­ist­ing con­veyor con­trols with new LWG PLC-based con­trols on one TTR con­veyor.

The Avalanche-Jour­nal’s up­grade was part of the pub­lisher’s press re­place­ment pro­ject and con­sisted of in­stalling new con­veyor rout­ings, new folder con­nec­tions, re­lo­cat­ing ex­ist­ing pick-up sta­tions, ap­prox­i­mately 120 me­ters of new track, 70 me­ters of re­fur­bished TTR chain and new LWG PLCbased con­trols for both con­vey­ors. LWG also re­lo­cated a stacker in­feed assem­bly in the mail­room, in­clud­ing associated track changes and a belt con­veyor sys­tem as a sec­ondary de­liv­ery to one of the fold­ers.

The Post-Stan­dard re­placed ex­ist­ing con­trols with new LWG PLC-based con­trols on two UTR-USA con­vey­ors with in­ter­me­di­ate sta­tions and boost­ers.

Fi­nally, The Bos­ton Globe con­tracted with LWG to en­gi­neer, sup­ply, in­stall and com­mis­sion five fac­tory re­built TTR sys­tems and three belt sys­tems to four presses. Each sys­tem con­sists of a new dou­ble-out, 5-way folder con­nec­tion, fac­tory re­built equip­ment such as pick-up sta­tion, de­liv­ery sta­tion, two stacker in­feeds, and ac­ces­sories in­clud­ing re­leases, copy de­tec­tors, and paster de­tec­tors. The pro­ject also in­cludes new LWG PLC-based con­trols for the con­veyor and stacker in­feeds. Three of The Globe’s presses will be equipped with a belt con­veyor on the sec­ondary de­liv­ery of the folder.

The Globe com­pleted the pur­chase of the $20.3 mil­lion fa­cil­ity in Taun­ton in 2015.

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