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News me­dia spe­cial­ists from all over the world gath­ered in Ber­lin Oct. 10-12 for the new dual IFRA World Pub­lish­ing and DCX Dig­i­tal Con­tent Expo. The con­fer­ence drew more than 5,000 global vis­i­tors and was an­chored by 181 ex­hibitors. Next year the expo will take place from Oct. 9-11, again in Messe Ber­lin.

▶ At the expo, ABB demon­strated its mod­u­lar press con­trol and drives retro­fit so­lu­tions for news­pa­per presses from all lead­ing man­u­fac­tur­ers. “These so­lu­tions give press own­ers the op­por­tu­nity to re­place the con­trols or drives on se­lected press units, thereby free­ing up spare parts for the rest of the press and min­i­miz­ing the cost of keep­ing the presses in re­li­able pro­duc­tion,” said Stephen Kirk, head of mar­ket­ing for ABB. ABB ex­plained its spare part strat­egy, which al­lows it to guar­an­tee the avail­abil­ity of spare parts for at least 10 years af­ter in­stal­la­tion.

IFRA Expo at­ten­dees also saw the first pub­lic show­ing of re­lease 6 of the press man­age­ment sys­tem MPS Pro­duc­tion. This lat­est re­lease sees the trans­fer of the en­tire sys­tem to the Post­greSQL data­base.­ing

▶ Ac­craply un­veiled its ul­tra high-speed la­beler 5203UHS. The la­beler al­lows for di­rect ap­pli­ca­tion of ad­ver­tis­ing notes to the printed web at an ap­pli­ca­tion rate of 80,000 pieces per hour. The sys­tem is sup­plied by fan­fold cas­sette and with re­mote screen lo­cated at press con­trol con­sole. The la­bels can be ap­plied to any page of the news­pa­per that is ac­ces­si­ble. The ap­pli­ca­tor can be moved be­tween lo­ca­tions with ad­di­tional mount­ing kits.­

▶ Arc Pub­lish­ing is The Wash­ing­ton Post’s soft­ware-as-a-ser­vice busi­ness. Arc demon­strated its ARC Ad­van­tage CMS sys­tem, which was built for The Post. Arc re­cently signed a deal with tronc. The sys­tem pro­vides an in­te­grated suite of pub­lish­ing tools which in­clude video, mo­bile web and apps, syndication to dis­trib­uted plat­forms, dis­trib­uted plat­forms, au­to­matic con­tent test­ing, data min­ing and mon­e­ti­za­tion.­cpub­lish­

Fu­ji­film an­nounced three new prod­ucts in its Su­pe­ria range, de­signed for the news­pa­per printer. The Su­pe­ria News­pa­per Elara 5 Work­flow is the newly launched ver­sion 5 of Fu­ji­film’s Elara News­pa­per work­flow so­lu­tion. It also in­cludes full 64-bit sup­port and in­te­grated ink-save, PDF-nor­mal­iz­ing and RGB-PDF sup­port. Su­pe­ria News­pa­per Luxel News VMAX Pal­let Loader is out­fit­ted with a new pal­let loader op­tion. Su­pe­ria News­pa­per au­to­matic clean­ing sys­tem (ACS) is an au­to­matic plate pro­cess­ing clean­ing unit which can be in­cluded with the HDX NewsSpeed pro­ces­sor.


▶ Krause-Bi­agosch demon­strated its CTP plate­set­ter port­fo­lio and high­lighted two new sys­tems. The BlueFin LowChem is de­signed for pro­cess­ing low chem­istry pho­topoly­mer print­ing plates. The sys­tem is qual­i­fied for use in a high-vol­ume news­pa­per pro­duc­tion en­vi­ron­ment and ca­pa­ble of ap­pli­ca­tions de­mand­ing high res­o­lu­tion and FM screen­ing and can process up to 350 plates/hr. The “plate stream” is avail­able in the Com­pact ver­sion with a load­ing bay and as a mul­ti­for­mat with two load­ing bays. Ac­cord­ing to Krause, it can be flex­i­bly loaded with trol­leys or pal­lets. In ad­di­tion, a panoramic cas­sette is avail­able, which also al­lows the au­to­matic pro­cess­ing of sin­gle and panoramic plates in rapid ex­change or “plate-stream­ing” in the Com­pact ver­sion. In the “plate stream” Com­pact, up to 3,030 and in the mul­ti­for­mat, up to 6,030 print­ing plates would be avail­able for fully au­to­matic pro­duc­tion. The load­ing and op­er­a­tion should be pos­si­ble from the right or left side.

Krause will offer up­grade kits for the plate load­ing from trol­leys and pal­lets or the Clean Process Kit for BlueFin LowChem pro­ces­sors.

▶ Lineup Sys­tems an­nounced that Vo­cento, the largest pub­lish­ing group (11 regional daily news­pa­pers and weekly mag­a­zines) based in Madrid, Spain, se­lected the com­pany to cen­tral­ize its ad­ver­tis­ing sales tech­nol­ogy on one plat­form. Lineup of­fers cloud-based sys­tems.

▶ Muller Mar­tini show­cased a three-di­men­sional tour of one of the most mod­ern and cut­ting-edge mail­rooms in Europe with vir­tual re­al­ity glasses. “A best-prac­tice ex­am­ple was used to give a VR demon­stra­tion of how more than one bil­lion in­serts a year can be pro­cessed ef­fi­ciently,” said Volker Leon­hardt, head of mar­ket­ing and sales at Muller Mar­tini Print Fin­ish­ing Sys­tems. Muller Mar­tini also demon­strated its mon­i­tor­ing and track­ing mod­ule Con­nex.Info 4.0 for the mail­room for the first time at the IFRA Expo. Ad­van­tages of the new Con­nex.Mail­room, which is re­plac­ing the pre­vi­ous Muller Mar­tini MPC (Mail­room Pro­duc­tion Con­trol) sys­tem, were high­lighted.


Nela in­tro­duced the Just-In-Time plate au­to­ma­tion and plate lo­gis­tics sys­tem. JIT al­lows for han­dling, or­ga­niz­ing and sort­ing print­ing plates for large-vol­ume news­pa­per print­ers. No man­ual plate han­dling is re­quired with the JIT plate flow sys­tem. The fully au­to­matic sys­tems in­clude han­dling, bar­cod­ing, qual­ity check and plate el­e­va­tor to pre­or­ga­nized plate stack­ing as well as sorted-ac­cord­ing-to-print-jobs plate sta­tions. Nela show­cased a scal­able sort­ing which can be adapted to in­di­vid­ual plate vol­umes and size of print plates.

▶ Ppi Me­dia in­tro­duced AdSelf, a new self-ser­vice por­tal for ads that has been de­vel­oped us­ing the lat­est tech­nol­ogy and that will be used by the first cus­tomer in just a few months. AdSelf will ini­tially be de­vel­oped for pub­lish­ers us­ing SAP IS-M/AM as their com­mer­cial ad sys­tem and ppi Me­dia’s ad pro­duc­tion sys­tem AdMan; other sys­tems can be con­nected if re­quired. The browser-based so­lu­tion is a com­fort­able way for end cus­tomers to de­sign and place ads in­de­pen­dently. The HTML5-based por­tal is suit­able to be used on mo­bile de­vices, as well. Templates are easy to han­dle and the so­lu­tion’s GUI de­sign en­sures that us­ing the por­tal will be sim­ple for end users. AdSelf can be used both by pri­vate cus­tomers and by pro­fes­sional users who carry out their cus­tomers’ or­ders via the por­tal. In an­other step, it will also be pos­si­ble to place dig­i­tal ads via AdSelf.


Pro­ce­mex in­tro­duced and demon­strated its range of vi­sion tools for print. The Pro­ce­mex Prin­tPer­fect range pro­vides web in­spec­tion and mon­i­tor­ing plus print qual­ity in­spec­tion and

process op­ti­miza­tion so­lu­tions that cover all phases of pro­duc­tion. “The cam­era sys­tem helps to iden­tify the rea­sons be­hind prob­lems and how to run with ef­fi­ciency,” said Erik Ohls, vice pres­i­dent, busi­ness de­vel­op­ment for Pro­ce­mex. “Our so­lu­tions focus on de­tect­ing and solv­ing prob­lems with web breaks, reel changes, mill spices, blan­ket wash se­quences, folder jams, paper de­fects and print qual­ity.”­ce­

▶ QIPC – EAE an­nounced that Aus­tria-based Me­di­aprint placed an or­der for 26 Desk 7s with in­te­grated IDS-3D con­trol.

QIPC demon­strated EAE’s Desk 7 with in­te­grated con­trols for QIPC’s IDS-3D sys­tem.

▶ Schur Pack­ag­ing Sys­tems pre­sented Re­turned Prod­uct Sys­tem, de­vel­oped for print­ing houses whose dis­tri­bu­tion is mainly han­dled through re­sellers. By us­ing in­tel­li­gent tech­nol­ogy un­sold copies, which are sent back from the re­seller to the print­ing houses or dis­tri­bu­tion cen­ters, can be re­li­ably sorted and reg­is­tered. In ad­di­tion, Schur dis­cussed high­speed pal­letiz­ing so­lu­tions.

▶ Tol­er­ans in­tro­duced Flow­liner Quar­ter­fold, an in-line lat­eral stitch­ing so­lu­tion that makes it pos­si­ble to stitch printed quar­ter-folded prod­ucts di­rectly in the press, a tech­nique called lat­eral stitch­ing. The new com­pact stitcher makes it pos­si­ble to stitch small-for­mat prod­ucts in­side the press, us­ing ex­ist­ing equipment and at full pro­duc­tion speed.


Krause BlueFin LowChem pro­ces­sor

Fu­ji­film Su­pe­ria News­pa­per Luxel News VMAX Pal­let Loader.

Ul­rich Rickli, pro­duc­tion man­ager, mail­room sys­tems, Muller Mar­tini.

PageSuite staff at Ifra Expo

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