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News & Tech: What are MasterQ’s func­tions?

Stadler: MasterQ sorts, groups, and ver­i­fies in­com­ing print or­ders from var­i­ous sources and de­ter­mines the op­ti­mal pro­duc­tion se­quence. The sys­tem is es­pe­cially suited for users of one or more dig­i­tal print­ing sys­tems and dig­i­tal fin­ish­ing lines, such as FoldLine and FormerLine.

For the fu­ture, there will be an ad­di­tional in­te­gra­tion to off­set sys­tems, what en­ables dy­namic job changes from off­set to dig­i­tal print­ing. This fu­ture­ori­ented fea­ture will be com­pleted and sup­ported by an au­to­matic and job­spe­cific im­pos­ing of print data.

At Ifra World Pub­lish­ing Expo, manroland web sys­tems an­nounced the launch of MasterQ, which al­lows for the syn­chro­niza­tion of MIS sys­tems, pre­press, or we­b2print ap­pli­ca­tions with the print­ing sys­tems and fin­ish­ing pro­cesses. Mas­ter Q was de­vel­oped for dig­i­tal print­ing of ul­tra-small print runs where ef­fi­cien­cies can be re­al­ized from plan­ning pro­duc­tion se­quences.

News & Tech asked Al­win Stadler, dig­i­tal man­ager for manroland web sys­tems, about the new soft­ware. News & Tech: How does the tech­nol­ogy work?

Stadler: The or­der def­i­ni­tion cre­ated by MasterQ con­tains all in­for­ma­tion re­quired for au­to­matic pre­set­ting. The pre­pared jobs are re­layed to the dig­i­tal print­ing sys­tems and the print fin­ish­ing con­trol (such as Work­flowBridge). In re­turn these pro­vide MasterQ with sta­tus and process in­for­ma­tion.

News & Tech: What for­mat is used and will it work with off­set print­ing?

Stadler: Gen­eral or­der pa­ram­e­ters, such as color print­ing mode, print­ing sub­strate, and for­mat are taken into ac­count as well as spe­cific fea­tures for each print job, such as nec­es­sary fin­ish­ing sys­tem changeover times. This way, ev­ery or­der is au­to­mat­i­cally al­lo­cated the most con­ve­nient slot in the pro­cess­ing queue and di­rected to­wards the op­ti­mally suited pro­duc­tion line. In the fu­ture, pro­duc­tion on a web off­set press can also be in­cluded.

News & Tech: Is there a MasterQ in­stal­la­tion and if so where?

Stadler: The first in­stal­la­tion with all the avail­able work­flow mod­ules—MasterQ - au­to­mated Im­poser and the PressMon­i­tor to cre­ate re­port­ing in­for­ma­tion was taken into pro­duc­tion at GGP Me­dia in Poess­neck, Ger­many—a book pro­duc­tion site from the Ber­tels­mann group. This com­pany is one of the big­gest book pro­duc­tion sites in Europe and has been work­ing with dig­i­tal pro­duc­tion sys­tems for years. With this in­stal­la­tion, the com­pany ex­changed the ex­ist­ing fin­ish­ing sys­tem and work­flow from one of our Swiss com­peti­tors to now a FormerLine fin­ish­ing sys­tem with the com­plete work­flow from manroland.

The next in­stal­la­tion of this new level of work­flow so­lu­tion will be in­stalled in the be­gin­ning of 2018. De­tails on this project will be pre­sented soon.

Al­win Stadler, dig­i­tal man­ager, manroland web sys­tems.

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