For­mer Oa­sis singer Liam Gal­lagher is still rock’s cham­pion trash-talker


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ENGLISH BAND Oa­sis cre­ated mas­sively pop­u­lar and in­flu­en­tial rock mu­sic, a su­per­sonic brand of gui­tar-heavy Brit-pop. Their de­but al­bum, 1994’s Def­i­nitely Maybe, made the Gal­lagher broth­ers overnight stars: Older brother Noel wrote the songs, and front­man Liam—the ul­ti­mate bad boy—de­liv­ered them in clas­sic rock star fash­ion.

But it was the sib­lings’ fa­mously com­bat­ive re­la­tion­ship that even­tu­ally did Oa­sis in. Noel quit in 2009. Liam and the rest of the band went on as Beady Eye un­til 2014, af­ter which Liam took a boozy sab­bat­i­cal. He de­scribes a typ­i­cal day in 2015 as go­ing to the pub for lunch and, be­fore you know it, “it’s fuck­ing 2 in the morn­ing.” Once that was out of his sys­tem, he be­gan writ­ing songs for a first solo al­bum, As

You Were, to be re­leased Oc­to­ber 6. Of his new back­ing band, he says point­edly, “We’re hav­ing a good time. I don’t miss any­thing. I don’t miss yes­ter­day, and I don’t miss to­mor­row.”

Liam and Noel still don’t talk, though Liam claims that nasty tweets about his brother shed­ding tears at a ben­e­fit con­cert in Manch­ester, Eng­land (Noel be­came emo­tional while play­ing “Don’t Look Back in Anger”) were the re­sult of some­one hack­ing his ac­count. “I wouldn’t say stuff like that. Can you be­lieve it?” Yet, on a re­cent call with Newsweek, it was clear Gal­lagher is still a cham­pion trash-talker.

You did a bunch of Oa­sis songs at your re­cent show in Brook­lyn. How did it feel to play them again?

It feels good. I mean, lis­ten, man, I’m Oa­sis through and through. If peo­ple are com­ing to our gigs, my head’s not that far up my own ass where I think they’re just com­ing to hear a load of new songs. They work hard ev­ery day of the week, and they’re part­ing with their money. If they wanna hear “Won­der­wall” and “Rock ’n’ Roll Star,” I’m gonna do it. The last thing I want is peo­ple at my gigs on their phones say­ing, “Ah, I’ll wait for the next al­bum to come out, I’m not sure about this one.” I want peo­ple to go off their fuck­ing tits.

Noel’s got all th­ese lit­tle fan­boys go­ing, “Oh, well, [Liam] didn’t write the songs.” So fuck­ing what? I fuck­ing sang them, you lit­tle cunt. It’s about the songs, and it’s about the fuck­ing voice. When I’ve heard Noel’s ver­sions of Oa­sis songs, it nul­li­fies them a bit, makes them re­ally kind of bor­ing. Noel’s ren­di­tion of “Won­der­wall” is a bit like Ryan Adams, in­nit? Who the fuck wants to hear “Su­per­sonic” acous­tic? Should be fuck­ing ashamed of your­self, mate, know what I mean?

When you were in New York, you tweeted that you got carded buy­ing cig­a­rettes.

I don’t re­ally smoke that much—i’ve def­i­nitely calmed down a lot—but I was hav­ing a bit of a day and I thought, You know, I could do with a fuck­ing ci­garette. So I went in the shop and the geezer says, “Have you got any ID?” I said, “Are you tak­ing the piss?” He went, “Well, that’s the way it is.” I said, “I’m 44, mate. Look at the fuck­ing state of me.” He said, “No, you’ve got to go and get your ID.” He didn’t have no idea who I was, see. There’s a lot of work to be done, mate.

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